The medics of the Revolutionary battles have seen some strange things in their day.

(6 6)
Patient complains of nausea from eating banana. On further questioning
has previously ingested nine tons of metal without incident. Does not
look to be typical of cuisine in native Grenoble. Bill for unsuitable nutritional intake.
Z _ _ . _

(3 5)
Eminent Baghdadi male presenting with gastrointestinal disorder significantly impairing societal functioning. Cause of
public humiliation and self-imposed exile. The patient was counseled on
the ubiquity of his symptom, but he insists it has been the subject of talk for over a thousand nights.
R _ _ . _

(7 6)
Strict disciplinarian, entrepreneurial rural Briton with clay-like skin and forbidding aspect.
Temperamental regarding her husband and livestock.
Presenting with occupational injury related to
encounters with the latter. Will continue to follow.
W _ _ . _ _ XS

Grecian male with unclear medical history
presenting with impact injury from reptile projectile.
Injury potentially precipitated by alopecia as contributing factor. Event
capped a life full of tragedies. Resulted in death.
W _ _ . _ _ XA

(6 6)
Displacement of cervical vertebrae
resulting from strangulation by rope.
Abrasions noted throughout ventral surface of neck. Bill according to
venue of incident, where deceased was chief stagehand, and often
informed co-workers of presumed killer’s history in Punjab.
Y _ _ . _ _ _

(6 4)
Person of British origin accompanying parents on tour of confectionery production
works, presenting with psychological trauma, unrelated to
her parents’ decision to name her after a skin condition. Since commonly encountered rodents are
ostensibly untrained, scenario is unlikely to recur.
W _ _ . _ _ XA

(7 7)
Individual presenting with finger cramping related to
pastime used for both garment production and steganography. Patient carried on craft while
taking in proceedings associated with the overthrow of the French monarch.
Y _ _ . D _

(5 4)
Clinical encounter with Eton-trained commanding officer of unaffiliated naval vessel,
associated with injury received during altercation with
troop of juvenile delinquents, resulting in
total amputation of dextral metacarpal system. Treated wound; schedule follow-up
encounter for selection and fitting of appropriate prosthesis for affected area.
Z _ _ . _ _ _

(3 7)
Encounter with adult male, history of poor impulse control, presenting with injuries
obtained when stolen vehicle struck large sandy obstacle during pursuit by authorities.
Event occurred a long time ago in a distant location. Patient was thrown free in impact and
not found with wreck, though outer garment remained tangled in the ruin.
V _ _ . _ _ XA

(5 4)
Professional male in unitard and mask
presenting with extensive full-body injuries
due to accidental occupational trauma
resulting from trailing garment being ingested into airborne turbine in situ.
V _ _ . _ _ XA