Holi Town residents want a plan for dealing with rising temperatures, but the Town Council is in a financial squeeze.


1.Certain wizards shuffle aimlessly around dragon
6.Good, fine, grand
9.Greens sad about onset of algae loss
11.Like a certain group of stars: an oasis epic cast
12.Warning for the consumer: by Uber we are mistreated (2 wds.)
15.Integrity of Solomon Islands capital more than half destroyed by oxygen resistance
17.Prow of Kon-tiki water vessel in Seven Seas conglomerate
19.Lousy nap? Temple hosts Eastern Orthodox litany
21.Ounce, for example, is cup plus a ton
22.And . . . spiral!
23.Vehicle impales horse, evoking death
26.Gore (Ramon’s heart) from Texas battle site
27.Last of scent coming from polluted toilet: stay stationary with head windward
28.Master of Rolls serves boiled sea urchin in advance to Arnold Schwarzenegger and other award-winners (2 wds.)
31.Cambridge-based nonprofit opposing computer attacks but was probated in a mix-up
34.Mostly Hungarian goulash topping immersed in a certain acid
37.Period of showers sounds like monkey at small stream
38.Famous animal painter’s sculpture honours bear (2 wds.)


1.Inhales noxious fumes in fits of anger
2.Droop, losing length—that’s funny!
3.El Niño’s progenitor goes west in Nerdapalooza
4.A fiscal disaster: beauty treatments
5.Appeal for help from Soros, or not
6.Mozart’s final, lavish opera: Taking Time for Caddisflies
7.I’m MIT’s Pritzker-earning icon, initially! (3 wds.)
8.Variable, as integer on X, Y and Z, perhaps
10.Illness detailed in meeting of climate scientists
12.Dessert is a consequence of runaway climate change? (2 wds.)
13.Your pal has a bachelor's degree—drink! (2 wds.)
14.Extinction of natural geneses in Hadean or Archean
16.Plant fluids’ scent is revolting—cut off at both ends by viscous liquids
18.Slave grabs turkey eaten by insane master of wood, water and hill (2 wds.)
20.Semi-annual agreement
24.Disheveled, crummy man missing in Wales
25.They leave the EU’s monarch without teeth? Just the opposite!
29.“Czech-Serbian, on the radio, holds area outside the city”
30.Transcendental numbers used for Yale method of quantifying a nation’s impact on climate change
32.Gate surrounding the central part of death row
33.North-flowing river inlet is site of carbon pollution
35.Melt peeled prune
36.Pierre’s heart-broken course without direction