By Wesley Graybill

Solvers are presented with pairs of images with a number of pots in between them. When solvers begin to identify the images, they realize that each image represents the name of a strain of marijuana. Reading down the first letter of the left-hand column strains, they’ll see the instructions SMOKE OUT JOINT ANCESTOR. In other words, find the ancestor shared by each pair of strains.

When searching for these strains, solvers should have come across the site and noticed that logo matches the image at the top of the puzzle. This should serve as confirmation that this is the correct data source. Referencing the identified strains on Leafly, solvers will notice that for each pair of strains, a parent or grandparent of one strain matches the parent or grandparent of the other strain. Taking the number of pots as an index into the ancestor name, you get the phrase ANSWER RECREATIONAL USE.

Left Child Right Child Common Ancestor Index Letter
Scooby Snacks Candyland Platinum Girl Scout Cookies 3 A
Medicine Woman Gravity Hash Plant 8 N
Ogre Gorilla Biscuit Sensi Star 4 S
Kill Bill Alice in Wonderland Willy’s Wonder 1 W
Ether Alien Abduction Alien Dawg 4 E
Oregon Pineapple Maui Mango Diesel Ed Rosenthal Super Bud 3 R
UltraViolet OG Kryptonite North American Indica 3 R
Thelonious Skunk Robert Plant Rebel God Smoke 4 E
Jack the Ripper Space Candy Space Queen 4 C
Omega Dawg Atomic Goat Romulan 1 R
Ice Queen Clockwork Orange South American 8 E
Narnia Jimi Hendrix Jack Herer 2 A
Thai-Tanic Thaidal Wave Thai 1 T
Alf Electric Kool Aid Cherry Pie 8 I
Night Nurse Animal Cookies Fire OG 5 O
Charlie Sheen Green Lantern Green Crack 5 N
Ewok Alien Rock Candy Tahoe Alien 2 A
Snoop’s Dream Fighting Buddha Blueberry 2 L
Tree of Life Purple Monkey Balls Mendocino Purps 11 U
Orange Blossom Rolls Choice OG Kush 5 S
Russian Assassin Yoda’s Brain Skywalker 8 E