By Robin Deits, Nathan Fung, Michele Pratusevich

The interface presented looks like Tinder, which means you can swipe left or right on each profile presented to you, with a picture and a screenname. Swiping through the interface reveals a full binary tree 4 layers deep:

Each of the left and right pairs shares a common “root” (a word which is only one letter different from each of the two). Labelling each node with the root node gives the following graph:

The set of screennames that solvers are provided at depth 4 of the tree use words beginning with L's and R's to clue solvers about tracing specific paths through the image tree. For instance, the screenname "LoneLifetimeLotus" would clue LLL, or three swipes to the left. Solvers follow each of these paths in order, solve for the correct screen name at the indicated locations, and index into the screen name using the number of steps taken to reach each of them. The details are provided in the following table:

Screenname Instruction Common word Depth Letter
LoneLifetimeLotus LLL CAP 3 P
Radiohead R HEATH 1 H
LongLastingRocket LLR BOOM 3 O
LovingRussianLion LRL CONE 3 N
LikesRoughRides LRR OVER 3 E
Lightweight L ICE 1 I
LacyLassie LL INK 2 N
RocketLeagueLegend RLL EAR 3 R
LusciousLipRosie LLR BOOM 3 O
LadyRight LR BUSH 2 U
RichLesbianRogue RLR FIGHT 3 G
Ravishing R HEATH 1 H
RaunchyRomanLegion RRL BAD 3 D
RugbyLeague RL GAZE 2 A
RideRiseRepeat RRR FAT 3 T
RockyRoad RR TEA 2 E

Reading the letters in order spells out PHONE IN ROUGH DATE.