By Leland Aldridge, James Douberley, Nathan Fung, Hubert Hwang, Kevin Hwang, and Henry Wong
Answer: BEAM UP

After solving the Joy memory puzzles, solvers are presented with the following answers (in alphabetical order):


Solvers are also presented with a series of blanks. However, the lengths of those blanks do not correspond to the lengths of the answers.

As suggested by the flavor text, each answer corresponds to a book whose title is of the form “The Joy of …” (although they are not used here, the most famous books in this category are “The Joy of Cooking” and “The Joy of Sex”).

The last names of the authors of these books are unique in length and do fit into the blanks, as follows:

Book Author Blanks
The Joy of HORSES Joy Roberts R O B E R T S
The Joy of ASCENSION Randall Weischedel W E I S C H E D E L
The Joy of REAL FOOD Rowena Jayne J A Y N E
The Joy of STRATEGY Allison Rimm R I M M
The Joy of RITUAL Barbara Biziou B I Z I O U
The Joy of INSIGHT Victor Weisskopf W E I S S K O P F

Reading the boxed letters in order spells out the answer, BEAM UP.

Shortly after solving this puzzle, each team is visited by Joy.