By Dan Collins, Robin Deits, Grant Elliott, and Henry Wong

Each Jeopardy clue is ambiguous and does not fit in the specified lengths. However, as suggested by the flavortext (“Secretly”), each of the clues refers to a Secret Service codename. The protected person’s name fits the provided length (using the name by which they are best known, not their full legal name).

Once identified, the dollar value of the clue is used as an index into the name, resulting in the following data:

Value Clue Codename Protected Person Letter
200 Neil Armstrong’s boot left this on the Moon Footprint STROM THURMOND T
200 Harper Lee might tell you to set this kind of lookout Watchman CHESTER CLIFTON H
200 Click and Clack named this automaker’s Aztek the “2005 Ugliest Car of the Year” Pontiac JESSE JACKSON E
200 It’s a Mars mission or a Nissan SUV Pathfinder SPIRO AGNEW P
200 This cereal can be “fruity” or “cocoa” Pebbles BRIDGET MCCAIN R
200 You might get a painful one from using an insufficient SPF Sunburn TED KENNEDY E
400 This popular trance song was produced by a Finnish DJ Sandstorm NELSON ROCKEFELLER S
400 “Autumntime” is not a common term in English, unlike this similar word for another season Springtime MAMIE EISENHOWER I
400 Side four of Bruce Springsteen’s album “The River” includes this song Ramrod BOB DOLE D
400 This animal is a member of the taxonomic rank Apodiformes Hummingbird KAREN PENCE E
400 It’s an Ability in Dungeons and Dragons, Fifth Edition Wisdom JOHN EHRLICHMAN N
400 This carnivore was found in the Cretaceous Period T-rex NEWT GINGRICH T
600 This might contain an instrument cluster Dashboard MORRIS UDALL S
600 Charlie Sheen would describe himself as this kind of person Winner ANDREW HATCHER W
600 It’s a term for light emission Radiance MALIA OBAMA O
600 A certain type of electromagnetic generator is known by this name Dynamo AMY CARTER R
600 This person’s parents are Will and Jada Willow EVELYN LINCOLN N
600 One of the major genres of poetry is described by this adjective Lyric CAROLINE KENNEDY I
800 A 2001 film starring John Travolta Swordfish PHIL CRANE N
800 It’s another term for the shoulder or curb Wayside PIERRE SALINGER A
800 This is made of a single piece of glass Windowpane WILLIAM TIMMONS T
800 This is a common title for a person in middle management who is in charge of other employees Supervisor DAN QUAYLE L
800 One of the creatures that appears in the Chinese zodiac is this Dragon WALTER MONDALE O
800 This might be tied around a present or tree Ribbon PATTI DAVIS V
1000 Johnny Mercer and Hoagy Carmichael wrote this jazz song Skylark TIPPER GORE E
1000 This is a common household cleaning tool Duster GERALDINE FERRARO F
1000 One of the quantities in Einstein’s famous equation “E = mc2” is this Energy CHELSEA CLINTON I
1000 This word means “to secretly add a substance to” Lace JACQUELINE KENNEDY E
1000 A professional athlete based in Oakland, CA might be called this Warrior MALCOLM KILDUFF L
1000 An object that can open any lock of a particular type is called this Passkey GERALD FORD D

Reading the extracted letters gives the clue phrase THE PRESIDENT SWORN IN AT LOVE FIELD. That’s Lyndon Johnson, or VOLUNTEER to the Secret Service.