By Kevin Hwang and Rachel Bowens-Rubin
This puzzle was designed to be swapped in during Hunt in case another puzzle turned out to be hopelessly broken. If this had happened, their “final” answer would have been that of the puzzle they replaced, and that answer would have been given to teams who carried out the instruction that is extracted from this puzzle.

Solvers are presented with what appears to be a reproduction of an IMDb Goofs page for the TV series House, except apparently starting from 2002. Below that are 16 different “goofs” for the series with certain odd descriptions referencing specific episodes, with particular things (typically some sort of text) emphasized as mistakes of some sort.

This puzzle actually refers to the i3 videos (Interactive Introduction to the Institute/Institvte), which started in 2002. This is hinted by the title of the puzzle, which abbreviates to “IIIMDb”, aka the i3 MDb.

In the “latest season” (2017), there were 16 videos originally produced, one for each dorm and one for each of the cultural houses. Most of these are still available from the MIT housing website (with one exception, described below).

Each mistake listed refers to a specific dorm’s i3 videos from this past year, with a particular thing highlighted in the final sentence of each description. Several clues also list some hint towards the dorm identity itself, as a confirmational clue. The text below each description (“X of Y found this interesting ”) provides extraction into the indicated message or object.

In the order provided, they are:

Clue text Extraction
One episode has a new character visiting the hospital and being shown around the confusingly constructed and laid out building. As one of the residents leads the visitor down a flight of stairs towards a break room, some chalk text can be briefly seen on the wall next to them. This text is misspelled.
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Simmons Hall (“confusingly constructed and laid out”). The chalk text reads AYY LMAO. (1:48)
5th letter = M.
In the middle of one episode, several characters carry protest signs as they walk down a very long hallway. In the background of the crowd on the right, one protest sign’s slogan (briefly visible) is not acceptable for network broadcast.
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East Campus. Sign in question reads DICKS OUT FOR HARAMBE (Sign in front reads “Not a riot”) (2:23)
13th letter = A.
The majority of one episode takes place over the course of a pizza party held for residents. Immediately after the party, during an interview scene with one character, a camera can be seen. The camera’s brand is clearly visible along the bottom of the screen for several seconds.
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Maseeh Hall. Camera in question is a NIKON. (~3:07-3:40ish)
3rd letter = K.
In one episode a brand-new motivational wall is created and set up in the hallway. In one shot, a number of signs on it are shown quickly on camera, the most clearly visible reading “You’re a star.” Directly to the left of that is a less easily readable sign. The message on that sign is actually an unprovable allegation.
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New House (“brand-new,” “number”). Sign to the left of “you’re a star” reads YOU HAVE THE JUICE. (3:30)
10th letter = E.
At the beginning of one episode, several characters are shown playing a game. Two players attempt to take a turn simultaneously, which ultimately leads to a fight. The game is being played incorrectly; simultaneous turns are not allowed by the rules.
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Spanish House. The game played at the beginning (~0:50) is UNO.
2nd letter = N.
In the musical episode of this season, two residents dressed in sports jerseys escort a singing character into an elevator. Upon close inspection, one of the two uniformed residents has a jersey number that is not allowed in regulation play. The name on the jersey is also not a real name.
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Burton-Connor. Jerseys are Connor 5 shirts. The left jersey is number 878, with name BENSIRAPTOR. (0:58)
2nd letter = E.
In one episode, two flag runs are scheduled and take place, although only the second is ever actually shown on film. This is immediately followed by a pan over a wall of photos, where a photo in the top row has been labeled with text. That text is not spelled correctly.
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French House. “Flag Run” is literally running with a flag, at Taste of New House. Text reads “Y SO WET?!” (2:54)
4th letter = W.
In one episode, a world map is prominently displayed on the wall, and shown off by another character. The map has been visibly edited in post-production. One country in particular is missing, and was apparently redrawn in permanent marker.
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iHouse. The map (1:50) was missing GREAT BRITAIN, as described by the tour guide.
6th letter = B.
About halfway through one episode, a character is filmed running through the building repeatedly shouting the name of a city. Immediately afterwards, the scene cuts to a shot of a pantry. The food prominently visible in that shot is never again mentioned or acknowledged in the episode.
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German House. The call for food is “ESSEN,” and the can in question is SAUERKRAUT. (~4:18)
4th letter = E.
In one episode a number of short clips are interspersed in particularly bizarre, haphazard fashion. In one particular scene, three characters are shown moving a bubble. Above them, a sign with green text is visible, but should be differently colored.
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Random Hall (“bizarre, haphazard”). The sign with green text reads EXIT, which is normally red. (2:52)
2nd letter = X.
Early in one episode (famously featuring an uncanny amount of dabs), a montage shows one character erasing a section of equations on a board and writing a new one in its place. The right hand side of the equation implies a violation of the first law of thermodynamics.
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Baker House (“uncanny amount of dabs”). The equation reads “BAKER = LIT.” (0:40)
1st letter (RHS) = L.
One episode has the residents of the hospital peforming a play, and subsequently creating a haunted house complete with traps and zombies. In one shot, a word is prominently written in blood on the wall; in reality this would be in violation of standard hospital safety protocols.
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Next House (“subsequently”). Word written in blood reads BEWARE. (1:30)
6th letter = E.
One episode in this season was removed from rotation and is no longer available through official sources, but can still be found online. During this episode, the residents celebrate a holiday with a musical performance outside, near a park with a tire swing. This holiday is not actually fake, although it is admittedly fairly obscure.
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Senior House (available on YouTube; clued with tire swing). Indicated holiday is NATIONAL TUBA DAY. (4:25)
15th letter = Y.
One episode in this season is actually completely reused from a previous season. This episode contains, among other events, a basketball practice with city residents, and scenes from an open mic. The name of that open mic is inappropriate for an event held in a hospital setting.
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Chocolate City (on the main site, but 2016 video; clued with “city residents”). Open mic is ILL VIBES. (~4:17)
4th letter = V.
After a brief photo montage showing families, one episode abruptly switches back to a very brief scene set in an upper floor lounge, where several characters are watching a football game. Behind them, a number of post-it notes on a window spell out a message targeted at the hospital’s newest residents. However, the message has been written backwards.
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McGregor House. Post-it note message on window (1:27) reads RIP PNR. (P/NR = pass/no record)
2nd letter = I.
Early in one episode, a brief montage contains scenes of outdoor preparation of smoothies, dance instruction, and then an indoor craft-making event. This is immediately followed by a close-up of a post-it note with instructions written on it. The instructions on the post-it note should not really need to be written down, and should honestly go without saying.
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McCormick Hall. The post-it note in question (shown quickly) reads PARTY HARD. (0:48)
9th letter = D.

Extracting the indicated letters in order provides the instruction MAKE NEW BEXLEY VID (which, given the nature of Bexley and previous i3 videos, could encompass a very wide range of possibilities).