By Hubert Hwang and Kevin Hwang
Answer: PASTOR

Teams will receive a smartphone with which to play the “pre-beta” version of Pokémon Go, Master Edition. The “smartphone” is actually a piece of cardboard with red cellophane taped to it.

Teams will also be shown a “nearby” screen that is similar to the one in the actual Pokémon Go game, but the pictures for the “stops” are broken images. Thankfully, there are text descriptions of what the images show. To aid with identification, the locations are sorted by building number (treating W20 as 20).

Description Location
3D optics lab on the 3rd floor 3-319
Records office 5-115 (registrar’s office)
A Noctowl in flight. They must have been real fast to get this photo! 10-4, near Strobe Alley
A fishbowl 11-1 Athena cluster
Rectangular concert room near the library 14-1, near Killian Hall (poster on a nearby column)
A banner of a fuzzy Pokémon similar to a Venonat W20-5 near SIPB
A subterranean Fountain that makes you feel years younger 26-0 water fountain (the Fountain of Youth)
A thousand Flying-type Pokémon circling overhead 32-1, entrance closest to the Sean Collier memorial
The Lodge where freshmen learn to make things 35-318, near the MakerLodge
People studying Electric-type Pokémon make their headquarters here 36-4, near the RLE Headquarters
Bring your PokéWalker and pick up the Courage badge! 50-356
The base of the triangle. You can catch a Vanillite here! 66-0, near the elevators

Near to each of these locations is a public bulletin board. Per the directions, you need to look under “every stone”—that is, underneath a poster with a picture of a rock. You’ll find another poster here, with a weird silhouette of a Duskull.

If you look through the smartphone at the Duskull, it will reveal a short message. Each of the 12 locations has a message as follows:

Location Message Poster
3-319 Moves 3 19 and 45 // Thursday vs Ding poster | red revealed
5-115 Moves 41 67 and 105 // Thursday vs Qiao poster | red revealed
10-4 Moves 35 101 and 111 // Thursday vs Meng poster | red revealed
11-1 Moves 69 115 and 159 // Friday vs Ke [first] poster | red revealed
14-1 Moves 43 55 and 143 // Friday vs Park [second] poster | red revealed
W20-5 Moves 29 67 and 69 // Monday vs Dang poster | red revealed
26-0 Moves 109 119 and 137 // Monday vs Gu [third] poster | red revealed
32-1 Moves 15 85 and 93 // Tuesday vs Yang poster | red revealed
35-318 Moves 89 129 and 133 // Tuesday vs Kang poster | red revealed
36-4 Moves 63 65 and 73 // Tuesday vs Shi poster | red revealed
50-356 Moves 63 109 and 143 // Wednesday vs Nie poster | red revealed
66-0 Moves 103 127 and 161 // Wednesday vs Zhou [second] poster | red revealed

These refer to moves in a series of 60 matches that the AI program AlphaGo played online between 12/29/2016 and 1/4/2017 under the alias “Master”. The game logs can be found here. Games are identified based on their day of the week (12/29/2016 was a Thursday) and by the surname of the opponent (with ordinal disambiguation where more than one game was played by a player with that surname on that day).

Three moves from each of twelve different matches are noted. In each of these matches, AlphaGo played black. Plot AlphaGo’s moves on a Go board to spell out the answer PASTOR.