By Leland Aldridge and Steven Vanderveer

Each image is an illustration of a question off of Yahoo Answers which was read on the comedy advice podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me (MBMBAM), “an advice show for the modren era”. Each question was submitted to Yahoo Answers by one person, the asker, and then found and submitted to MBMBAM by another person, the sender.

The questions are presented in the order that they were featured on MBMBAM. The identity of each image, which can be most quickly found by searching the MBMBAM wiki, is given below:

Sender Question Asker Ep.
Golly Aolly Do you think it is possible for Yeti to accept JesusChrist as their savior or does God not want yeti in heaven? Yeti Education Committee 56
Jakob Locker Will a Horse poop out a wallet, or will it get stuck somewhere in its digestive system? Vlad T 68
Golly Aolly My last name is KRUM and i am running for 4h president at my school. i need good slogans for my posters.? Jordan Krum 69
Golly Aolly Girlfriend wants a lock of hair, where to get one? Marco 76
Jakob Locker Why are these cows yelling? NYCTrimi… 84
Jakob Locker Where can I find an adult chew toy? Becky 87
Lisa Hollifield If you could assassinate any of the characters of Saved By the Bell, who would it be and how? Rezxian 89
Lisa Hollifield I am trying to learn boxing. The basic problem is when a punch is thrown at me I close my eyes and don’t block? Ambi 91
Golly Aolly Would Christianity be as popular as it is today, if the Jesus was depicted more like Danny Devito? Turn 91
Lisa Hollifield Can I pack a toilet plunger in my airplane luggage? Nathan 99
Lisa Hollifield If I shave my golden retriever like a lion, will the other dogs respect him more? Unairing Pair 109
Lisa Hollifield Is it illegal to make a movie about a cat? Trevor 111
Lisa Hollifield What are some good dance crew names? Minty Fresh 112
Ira Wray Does anyone else’s spouse do karate in the shower? Alcoholism Is My New Hobby 132
Ira Wray Is it acceptable to wear a Snuggie in church? No Name 135
Ira Wray Any ideas on how a dog should carry the rings for a simple beach wedding? Rose 143
Jakob Locker What if sonic the hedgehog was real? Magic Missile 1 147
Ira Wray How often should catch phrases be used? Books Where The Magic Happens 183
Ira Wray Why won’t they let me play the digeridoo as part of the band for our church choir on Sundays? Didgeridude 191
Drew Davenport OMG!!! Do spiders hold grudges? Marie Antoinette 199
Drew Davenport Neighbors bong rips keep waking me up at at 6:00am? Verde 218
Rachel Spurling Why does my baby have forehead lines? Nina 220
Rachel Spurling Do snakes and birds ever make love to each other when scientists aren’t looking? Holden Caulfield 228
Drew Davenport When a caterpillar is making a cacoon. Does it know its going to become a butterfly? Or just like wtf am I doing with my life? James 235
Zoe Kinsky My life hasn’t been the same since Pluto lost its Planet Recognition? Engineer Adam 247
Drew Davenport Is Santa Minica Studios going to make Kratos kill Jesus?! I don’t Jesus to die in the future God of War game!!! U Chrsitians agree? Alexander 249
Zoe Kinsky I’m a big time lawyer in the city, and yet I’m addicted to donkey basketball. All I think about. Is this okay? John Blix 254
Zoe Kinsky What is a good come back when somebody tells you to “stick your head in gravy”? sc-mHm 256
Rachel Spurling Are the hinges on Blu-ray boxes getting weaker, or am I getting a whole lot stronger? Lothar In The Hand People 256
Drew Davenport Present ideas for someone who likes pizza, butts, and goats? smacleod16 262
Zoe Kinsky What kind of situations are going on in CNN’s Situation Room? neohio-independent 266
Drew Davenport I Like Space and Dinosaurs? Delta 267
Zoe Kinsky I think I swap bodies with my goldfish at night,help!? Archie 270
Zoe Kinsky Do ALL people who get lasic eye surgery see ghosts? Mayda B 270
Rachel Spurling What would Batman think of marijuana? Would he look down on people who use it? MotherGreen 274
Ira Wray What is the Fastest way to eat corn on the Cob? Iowa Greg 277
Drew Davenport What is lizard man’s relationship to this human world? Big Joan 277
Drew Davenport Big hands ????????????? Bernard 288
Zoe Kinsky I am naming ALL of my pants. Let’s start with the torn Wrangler’s with spaghetti sauce on the left leg. Any ideas? I’m very fond of them. Joey 344

The second number of the fraction under each image is the number of letters in the asker’s name. Taking the first number of each fraction as an index into the asker’s name, the string TLURIKIMNAGESANSEWEOVINEARLCTLHAEMORIDY is obtained.

This isn’t incredibly useful, but these letters can be organized by the sender (of which there are only seven represented across all thirty-nine questions) and sorted alphabetically by the last name of each sender, giving TURN OVERLAID IMAGES ALCHEMY LIKE INTO ANSWER.

This is a much more sensible message. If we overlay all thirty-nine images, adding all the inked parts of each image, we get a perfectly black panel; no information there. However, if we created seven overlaid images, one for each sender, we get the following:

In each image, an alchemical symbol is outlined. As identified from Wikipedia’s alchemical symbol article and the Unicode block of alchemical symbols, the symbols are:


Taking the first letters of these gives the answer: ON SIGHT.