By Tanya Khovanova and Xavid
Answer: EXCEPT

This puzzle is based off a puzzle called Grand Tour (alternatively known as Monorail or Round Trip), created by Glenn Iba. Traditionally, a Grand Tour requires constructing a Hamiltonian circuit (a path that travels through each square exactly once), which includes any provided line segments. Our variant still requires constructing a Hamiltonian path, but not a circuit—the start and end points on the edge of the grid are provided.

The first step is to solve the presented Grand Tour puzzles.

Next, realize that the number of letters in each of the paragraphs is a perfect square (49, 64, 81, 100, 121, and 144), meaning that each paragraph has the same number of letters as one of the grids. Match each paragraph to the grid of the corresponding size, and fill the letters from the paragraph into the grid by following the path from the Grand Tour puzzle. Once all of the characters have been entered, the grids appear as follows:

After filling in the grids, several letters are highlighted. Reading those top to bottom, left to right, from smallest grid to largest grid yields the phrase: FANTASTIC! YOU REACHED THE EXTRACTION STEP.

As the paragraphs allude to, it is necessary to re-apply the mechanic, by solving the last Grand Tour puzzle, and entering that clue phrase along the path. This results in the following grid:

Reading the highlighted letters again top to bottom, left to right, yields the answer, EXCEPT.