Butt repair for the singer of 1000 Forms of Fear                
A cylinder for Poirot, oh daughter of my parent                        
Woman on Goats Head Soup must pay Murphy, Mom                    
The Kid’s home for birds on a cliff to contact on the phone - yuck!                          
Probe clock sound? You will tempt a ripped front of a leg                                    
A bunch of press about a solemn promise for an ancient city (Farrow)                      
Palin’s note in a place for iniquity, running or racing                                    
Overturn a place for a building, Sierra                        
Going the direction opposite kata, saturate the directional line                      
A dorsal cup of chai for non-fake guys: The Little Ninja (the Aphex Twin alias)                                        
Regarding zero, it does not count as success                          
An old, male red deer, a stud                        
Butler in the old South, dissolve a separate squadron                                    
From the Spanish, creepy, err…                
An Azadirachta indica for Rosemary’s portrayer            
Dwell location              
A pirate’s bird, a chevalier: you and me together                      
Wildebeest groan about Long from Fresh Prince                  
The tendency to ask invasive questions about the skyward direction                
Jeff Smith comic injects liquid in the ground to get oil and deodorant brand                          
Colorant to encourage criminal activity in a city south of Seattle                          
The top part of a grain plant in Father Ted’s curse? Eschew!                          
The Quercus that belongs to me makes an automobile end a Hardy girl                      
Vampire hunter and Jekyll’s worse half meet a beam to climb up quickly by gripping with arms and legs                      
A musician like the Ramones agrees casually to a 1991 compilation album by Autopsia