Making friends is still in style
And you’ve got quite a bunch
Rhyming lines that seem alike
It only takes a hunch!

Went into the Outback for a thrill
Spotted a creature with duck’s bill
Waddling her way through the lake
Wanting to hide to avoid a snake!

You hear us as nighttime falls
You think we’re crickets with their chirpy calls
Some years we all make noise obscene
Then we die, it’s our routine!

Moving through a sky that’s sunny and bright
Scouting where I’ll go for a bite
Where dead meat lays upon the ground
That’s the place where I will be found!

Sometimes you see me swimming in a school
Thinking I’m quite a tool
If you look and see my fin glide
You’ll want to disappear inside!

I’m easily spotted though I don’t make sound
Because I flicker to help guide you around
I’m always flashing so you can see
To chase around and try to catch me!

With three horns I looked so odd
The frill completed an awesome bod
To keep my health I didn’t eat meat
My species still went down in defeat!

Known for tracking with my nose
Not too tall from head to toes
With sagging skin and drooping ears
I get excited as the rabbit nears!