Awesome! I was outside seated on a bench (two trash containers before me). To my left, I see a brick non-building wall. Over a plant, the right sign’s dedicated fondly to a   who is loving.

I go past a wavy, multicolored bench, went down the stairs by the   president sign, turned around and went back up and went left. There’s a great place to find red places to sit! Neato!

I go past this plaque on my left indicating it was   in 1988–1990 and after crossing the street, looked left and saw an amazing description of a unit. Thanks so much for this!

I sat on a couch underneath a head, MIT   Only sign in front of me. I had to go outside, so I went up the stairs past the doors. I turned, looked up and discovered I wasn’t late after all!

I start by entering the basement and I pass the   International office. Down the hall in the sitting area, I see a way I can use both of my thumbs to make streams of water appear! Whee!

I think this place is awesome! I was sitting on a bench here outside watching the water just barely cover the rocks. Beyond it, there’s the bridge from Alexandria in   going over.

I was exiting a place for getting in. Directly across, I spot a sign listing at the bottom three things that were negative  . I turn right and on my left I see a lot of names on the wall!

I was looking at a room from above. I go down the stairs that turn left partway down. I go left. I see a glass sign mentioning a larger   program in front of a sleeping place for some!

I was very lost by a No   Allowed sign. I go outside after going around a pillar and up a ramp (elevator signs pointing where I came from). Now, I have to cross the street; I know where I am!