1. The next answer plus thirteen mod twenty-six is ____.
  2. The number of o’s in these answers plus two is ____.
  3. The number of answers less than the answer to this statement is ____ minus seven.
  4. The kth prime number, where k is the number of u’s among these answers plus two, is ____.
  5. Ignore all characters in the previous answer that are not Roman numerals and read the remainder as a single number, then subtract three, and finally add the result to the number of i’s and u’s in the answer to this statement to get ____
  6. The antepenultimate answer plus eleven is ____.
  7. Multiply the number of answers that end in consonants (including y) by two, add one, and add the total number of x’s among all answers to get ____, which leaves a remainder of five when divided by six.
  8. The length of this answer times four, plus three times the number of syllables in this answer, minus ten, minus the number of o’s and c’s in this answer is ____.
  9. Nineteen plus the previous answer minus the next answer is ____, which is the sum of all the answers except this one minus one hundred seventy-one.
  10. Let k be the number of answers with value equal to fourteen. The (2k + 4)th number in the Fibonacci sequence (starting with index 1 at the first number 1) is ____.
  11. The median of these answers plus five is ____, which is nine times the number of answers equal to one, plus the number of answers equal to twenty-three.
  12. Let k be such that the kth statement is the first one with an answer containing a letter with Scrabble value at least eight. The value of nineteen minus k is ____.
  13. The number of other answers that have the same value as this is ____ (which is one of the modes of the answers)
  14. The average of these answers, rounded down, plus two, is ____, which is a multiple of the previous answer times seven.
  15. The number of n’s contained in this sentence is ____.
  16. The value of the answer to the next statement plus eleven is ____.
  17. The number of h’s among these answers times two is ____.