You look terrible! Going out on the town requires a head-to-toe makeover; better get familiar with the folks best suited to provide one.
book of future dates, hopefully                        
cereal grain Triticum          
cover for a plate            
don’t shoot him                  
elongated loaf of French bread                
feline progeny            
frustrum-shaped chocolate        
generally-accepted tenets of a political party                
grip tightly            
kiss or cut preceder            
Mead Keeper              
Pinocchio’s pet cat            
rigid flap to keep sun out of the driver’s eyes          
solid, liquid, or solidus          
Spider-Man’s Watson                  
stage in front of proscenium          
Stallone’s Vietnam POW          
the attack, decay, sustain, and release of sound                
train transient        
WWII-era fortified concrete military emplacement