1. Walkers on Hoth (abbr., hyph.)
2. Superuser
3. Like a beach
4. Food energy unit (abbr.)
5. Take a look at
A. Request
B. Follow
C. ___ Center (Chicago skyscraper)
D. When procrastinators don’t do things
E. Fashion

1. Amazon digital assistant
2. Indian metropolis
3. Singer Yoko
4. Std. PC firmware
5. Central Sicilian city
A. Acrobat producer
B. Russian revolutionary
C. SpaceX founder Musk
D. Mandela’s mother tongue
E. 6.034 topic (abbr.)

1. Calculus calculation
2. You shouldn’t do this while driving
3. Piece of latticework
4. Sunburn soother
5. Bird with a forked tail
6. This (sp.)
A. Delta hub (abbr.) / Consumed
B. Pieces of pieces of eight
C. Obtain by coercion
D. This university’s computing environment

1. Superfund org. / Toss
2. Groovy / Cult follower?
3. Apples and oranges
4. Power of two
5. Creator of the Total Wellbeing Diet (abbr.)
6. It might follow N
A. Cause’s partner
B. Religious community
C. Aladdin’s monkey pal
D. Green-hatted plumber
E. Prefix with -pedic
F. Defeat

1. Rarest state bird
2. Fires
3. Fancy shooters
4. German discount supermarket
5. Famously pitched for the Blue Jays
6. Relating to blood
7. Confuse
A. Romanova of Marvel fame
B. Lavishly praised
C. Prestig. Lausanne business school
D. Franklin Roosevelt program (2 wds)
E. Suffix with lion / Suffix with contempt

1. “Son ___…” (2 wds) / Group of whales
2. Last Chance Gulch site
3. Adhesive
4. Treyf fast-food sandwich
5. Default Windows font
6. Labor org. for janitors and waiters
7. “Just ___ expected…” (2 wds)
A. Hydroxide
B. Writing diagnostic for new MIT students / Some advanced degs.
C. Mont Blanc, e.g. / Capital of Connecticut?
D. Where Athens is
E. Agitated
F. “___ will…” (2 wds)

1. Periods of development / “Wow”
2. Jazz Chick / Top 40 genre (abbr.)
3. Bleaching agent
4. Brief afterthoughts, briefly / “___ that”
5. Time on the throne / Bit of work
6. Celerity measured in a cockpit (abbr.) / Eagle’s nest (var.)
7. Non-invasive diagnostic (abbr.)
8. ___-Free (contact lens solution)
A. Collaborative horror writing project (abbr.) / Top-notch
B. Head, shoulders, knees, and ___ / Lawman Wyatt
C. Flight board info (abbr.) / “___ just me, or...”
D. First in a line of six British monarchs (2 wds)
E. Leipzig locale
F. Counter creator
G. Announcer Hall / “___ tu” (Verdi aria)
H. Surface

1. Something to prepare for
2. The King of Football
3. Indigenous Peruvian people
4. Crazy bird?
5. Book before Phil.
6. Vietnamese soup
7. Netherworld
8. One could be found in a ward (abbr.)
A. Prefix with pen / One might live in a colony
B. Student of Socrates
C. It comes in fifths
D. Intend

1. 401, in 401 / Number 151
2. Conquered
3. They ___ Giants (2 wds)
4. Fantasy football scoring syst. / Catastrophic 2017 storm
5. ___ pro nobis / Away from shore
6. Dwarf brother in The Hobbit / Might follow OMG
7. Prepare to propose, perhaps
A. Spanish countryside
B. Fourth-largest Ukranian city
C. Animal house?
D. Cause to take root
E. Not very exciting / It can be added to art?
F. Radical
G. Like
H. Traffic police?

1. Pleads desperately to get (2 wds)
2. Publisher of animal books
3. Pokey, across the pond / Linguistics suffix
4. Neighbor of Leb. and Syr. / Skating jump
5. Local hardware store / Winter coat?
6. Beloved and bemoaned local agency (2 wds, abbr.)
7. Large planes have two
8. Klutzy or incapable
A. Mire / Addams Family cousin
B. Historical periods / Puzzle breakthrough
C. Second in a line of six British monarchs (2 wds)
D. Miser Marner / ISP with a butterfly logo
E. Not rigid
F. Indigenous Mexican people / Back Bay frat (abbr.)
G. Seeded sandwich bread / “___ I could do”

1. ISP offering / “Let’s ___” (3 wds)
2. Computing shortcuts / Austin media festival (abbr.)
3. Header of a daily list (hyph.) / Infamous British media star Jimmy
4. Family that includes ravens
5. Service offered at some pet stores
6. Org. that chooses host cities / Car brand
7. GOP repeal target / Featherbrains
8. Command line editor / Took a card
A. Psychedelic drug (abbr.)
B. ___ Paulo
C. Type of flatscreen (abbr.) / Film special FX
D. “___ the Wanderer” (comic series) / A horse with mixed white and colored hair
E. Dawn goddess / Mo formerly of The Daily Show
F. Region of Kenya famous for killer lions / Unix command to view help docs.
G. Entrepreneur Misinai / Child of Hamilcar Barca
H. Rusted, for example
I. New York hockey player
J. Excessively sweet (Brit. slang) / Dolphins coach Adam
K. “Gross!”

1. Letters between two names (abbr.) / Savior of the lost, for short? / Like referees after a bad call / Rigged
2. Columnist Collins / Barcelona Olympics prize / Bodega owner / He designed these grids
3. Cornell of Cornell / Component of this puzzle? / Anti-sexual assault org. / “Sprechen ___ Deutsch?”
4. “Am ___ risk?” (2 wds) / Showed off / Other name for Vicodin / Depose
5. Hit the slopes / Dean Martin, e.g. / Swedish aircraft manufacturer / Extended family
6. What’s Brexited (2 wds, abbr.) / NBC Comedy-drama series starting in 2016 (3 wds) / Norwegian Prime Minister Gerhardsen
7. Italian harps / Cape ___ / 1970s American president / Grp. with UNC and UVA
8. Giant flightless bird / 1960s Egyptian president
9. “This is ___ disaster!” (2 wds)
A. Discriminatory
B. Resident of the Urals
C. Broadcast / ___ knot (2 wds)
D. Pleased / Dos minus dos
E. Boosters (hyph.)
F. Foreign honorific / Sacred choral work
G. Irish rocker / Scarlett of Gone with the Wind
H. Poet Nash / “___ to win it” (2 wds)
I. Deteriorates / Cpl. or Sgt.
J. How you might feel after solving this puzzle (part 1 of 2)
K. How you might feel after solving this puzzle (part 2 of 2) / Bambi’s aunt
L. Musical talent / Pertaining to the other half of this column
M. Good day? (abbr.) / Houses in Havana
N. Annual scientific awards presented at Harvard
O. Orson Scott Card novel
P. Stereotypically Canadian interjections / “Funny bone” nerve
Q. Author Asimov, formally (2 wds, abbr.)
R. As of now / They’re concerned about meltdowns (abbr.)