Five sisters and their seventeen daughters met for a family dinner.

Allison, fed up with dealing with the rest of the family, convinced her older sister Harriett to distract everyone while she snuck 2 glasses of Madeira from the liquor cabinet.

Angelina couldn’t stand someone else using the crayons for even 1 minute, and so she marched her three older sisters over to Annalise’s corner where they insisted she do her drawing using a vile concoction of egg yolks, mushrooms, and lemon they had mixed up.

Annalise, the youngest of four sisters, showed no interest in her sisters’ shenanigans. She happily munched on an orange and drew quietly with 2 boxes of crayons.

Claire, Ulliviera’s oldest daughter, overheard Selina talking about her science project and decided to embark on a project of her own—but her three younger sisters weren’t so thrilled when she tried to get them to try the 4 different concoctions of mustard and wine she mixed up.

Clementina, inspired by Daniella’s questionable tactics, joined in the fun by pouring cream into 1 of Selina’s shoes.

Daniella was tricked by her youngest daughter Selina into eating Yevgeniya’s unfortunate cooking project. But as the youngest of five siblings, Daniella had some tricks up her sleeve—she got her revenge by pouring milk into Selina’s new shoes.

Elaine thought she should probably do something about her daughter’s voodoo dolls, but she was distracted explaining to Leslie why using a needle and thread on a tomato was unlikely to lead to a good result.

Eleanora and her sister Rosemarie quite enjoyed giving cooking lessons in the kitchen, teaching 2 of their cousins how to dice onions.

Evelina arrived almost 2 hours early for the dinner. She inexplicably brought an onion with her, which her mother had tried unsuccessfully to explain was not an appropriate hostess gift to bring to dinner.

Harriett wasn’t sure her sister Allison was old enough to be drinking, but she played along and roped her younger sister Sebastiana into constructing a bizarre diorama from only the mushrooms and shallots she scrounged from the fridge. She managed to distract the family for a full 7 minutes while Allison raided the liquor.

Heather managed to pawn off to her younger sister Eleanora the responsibility of humoring Claire’s foray into science so she could sneak into the kitchen and pour herself 3 whole glasses of cream.

Isabel did her best to console her younger sister Evelina after Evelina’s onion was stolen. They managed to claim a monopoly on the cheese plate and consume 3 whole wedges of gruyère before they were cut off.

Leslie, meanwhile, was focused on just 1 thing: a secret plan with her older sister Yevgeniya to rip off Clementina’s doll’s head and stitch on a tomato in its place.

Rosemarie, the youngest of her sisters, had developed an early knack for cooking. Of all her sisters, she was the 1 who managed to bring the best contribution: a delicious dessert with egg yolks and cream.

Sandra, the lone only child in the family, didn’t particularly enjoy playing with the other children, but she did enjoy stealing Evelina’s onion and making 2 hideous voodoo dolls with some celery and bell pepper slices she found in the kitchen.

Sebastiana was the biggest fan of Rosemarie’s dessert. She had 9! Her younger sister tried to steer her towards the more savory dishes, but things like bone marrow and red wine weren’t as appealing.

Selina spent the evening explaining to her two sisters, both older than her, that her crawfish science project was due tomorrow and how she just needed them to spend 1 minute drawing a picture of what they thought a crawfish looks like.

Tiffany empathized with Claire—she too was a oldest sister. She tried to get her daughter Heather to play with Claire, but Heather was too chicken to taste Claire’s weird science projects.

Ulliviera always had a hard time relating to her sisters—and it probably didn’t help that she spent much of the evening telling her younger sister Ursulandina and her older sister Elaine about her plan to raise calves in her tiny back yard so she could have fresh veal a few years down the road.

Ursulandina was kept busy most of the evening dealing with her daughter Leslie, who was distraught that Leslie’s sister Clementina had raided the fridge and smeared butter and egg yolks all over Leslie’s diary.

Yentl and her older sister Eleanora had to fight with Harriett for the shallots in the fridge. But even once they had snagged 2 of them, their mother stalwartly refused to give them the white wine called for by the recipe they wanted to make.

Yevgeniya tried to bring something to dinner, but made the fatal mistake of inviting her older sister Clementina to cook with her—Clementina’s contributions of 6 sprigs of tarragon and almost a cup of vinegar did not do wonders for Yevgeniya’s chocolate cake.