Argh! Someone messed up my notes for the reactions. If I just remembered which reactants go with which products I might remember what I need from the supply table to get my brew just right!

Molecular structure with two R groups on the same side relative to a double bond
Sad teenage phase
Hired mob thug
First modular space station
Japanese troll monster
Long-needled conifer
Abortion stance
Serving of frozen dessert
Disaster with a liquid

Branching lung structures
To hold dear
Unit of scoring in soccer
Tiny creature unseen with the naked eye
Explorer or frontiersman, for example
Son of a monarch
Impish rascal
Durum wheat middlings
Long-legged bird akin to an ibis

Hydrobromination. Adding fearsome quantities of   makes me breathe easy.
Denitrosylation. I stole some extra   for the reaction and still no one cheered!
Herz Reaction. It’ll be sad if you don’t add enough   — it won’t be grainy enough!
Decarboxylation. You are free to decide to add   otherwise you’ll be royally screwed.
Deoxygenation. Add a portion of  , you troublemaker.
Nitration. Pouring some   into the reaction is fly!
Hydrogenation. If you have the right isomer adding   will give the most prized results!
Carbonylation. Piece by piece get the   and add the smallest amount.
Epoxidation. Add a green, tall container of   or you’ll have to explore for better options.