It’s time to build the hack! There are still some materials that the build team needs, and you’ve been volunteered for the task of picking up all of the materials from Reuse.

You’re not going alone. You’re bringing your handy BIOFUEL TORCH—a tool that can cut through a glass surface so you can pass through, and then seal it up behind you. (Leave everything as you found it!)

E-mails to
Sender Subject
Milton Standard Unicycle, past three pillars, turn left before entering the next building, on a concrete pillar [eom]
Heather Olive Seeds, down the stairs to the bottom [eom]
James Redundant Elastic, up a flight, under a map just past the lasers [eom]
Olivia Tiny Grains, up on the fourth floor, under the dropbox near the elevators [eom]
Amber Basic Ions, outside 37-460 [eom]
Paul Yummy Vinegar, directly past the green exit sign [eom]
Graham Standard Emblem, between two nearby elevators [eom]
Dana Expensive Nitrates, down the east hallway, right, left, and left again [eom]
Kelly Natural Precipitation, up a flight, through the red door, behind a red pillar [eom]
Brian Dreadful LEDs, past elevators then down a floor [eom]
Elmer Extendable Arms, near the diagonal glass on the water fountain [eom]
Lisa Red Yarn, past the bathrooms, outside and back inside, between two bathrooms [eom]
Iris Nutritious Fiber, through the door, turn left, go to the end of the hall, turn right, just under the stairs [eom]
Nathan Amorphous Apples, towards the bridge, take the first right and go inside, opposite bench [eom]
Frank Malleable Iron, on the left wall opposite the couches [eom]
Carl Electrical Resistors, out door, through next door, halfway down the hall near the elevators [eom]