1 Best medal
4 Employed
8 Items at a skate park, perhaps
9 “Mr. Blue Sky” band
10 Organizations that sell local produce
11 Aquatic plants or plantlike organisms
12 Month Caesar was betrayed
14 A mechanical switch
17 Source of atomic energy
19 Tell the truth
20 You can run, but you can’t do this
21 Hera’s husband’s father’s daughter
22 Ifs, ands, or buts
1 Creature found near Orcas Island
2 Princess associated with the Russian Revolution
3 To love
5 Our nearest star
6 Scalene, e.g.
7 Place where seahorses live
11 India Pale Ale, e.g.
13 Technique to take pictures of the brain
15 An elbow shape in a pipe or conduit
16 Response before "The yeas have it"
17 Special moments in puzzles
18 Property of the numbers 2, 4, 6, etc.
You’re expecting me to identify the Rider-Waite-Smith numbering of Tarot cards as hinted phonetically in the title and associate the cards with famous people? How many teams do you expect to solve THAT?
  • 👍 “Oh, Pretty Woman” - Roy Orbison
  • 👍 “So Fine” - Sean Paul
  • 👍 “Cover Girl” - RuPaul
  • 👎 “Very Very Very” - I.O.I _ _ _
  • 👎 “Pass That Dutch” - Missy Elliott _ _ _ _
  • 👎 “Hold Me Close” - David Essex _ _ _

In his flashback, the EMF is spiking off the chart. The agent awakens in a hotel room covered in blood: the blood splatter indicates that the blood passed through the killer. He has amnesia, while she, who is the skeptic in their partnership, investigates the murder of a ghost hunter. Two bullets had been fired in the haunted house: the house that was drawn many times by the female victim.

In another flashback, the accomplished writer interested in police work sees his parents arguing with the smoking man. The crime scene is a living room in an old mansion where a doctor tried to help his patient to recover their alien abduction memories. There is a hidden alcove in the house, where his mom refused to provide answers. The agent requests help to retrieve his memories of a murder committed in the house twenty years ago.