Reward: Item or Gold!
The backstage area is partitioned into several changing rooms. From all the extra stuff you find there, it is clear they are used for other purposes as well.
A 1
B 2
C 3
E 4 5
F 6
H 7 8
I 9
J 10

Solve . . .


1Beaufort, Richter, and others taking request for beers from a barrel (2 wds.)
2Rake excited about Englishmen having certain organs pointing forward (hyph.)
3Before brewed drink, attempts making port
4We begin heading to Liberia, opposing cold water near Bermuda (2 wds.)
5Old folks’ residence's problem: excrement. It’s all over the place (2 wds.)
6Opera’s title character and general duck inside busted loo
7Carries around support cords used by climbers (2 wds.)
8Encumbrances (broken seats, boxes) allowing a ranking, mostly in retrospect
9Gorilla, rat all moved like a crane
10Becomes anxious putting salt in peanut butter cups dipped in beer (2 wds.)

. . . and then . . .


A1How this is entered by computer maker (abbr.)
2Animal doctor pursuing better-than-average chance for cow, in small part
B1Observe West Coast baseball team where Mariners can be found
2Raves about Indian chef’s top capers
C1Superman’s lady originating with actress Cuoco (hyph.)
2Conflict with painting technique
D1Pause after the first property with a large house
2Survey essential to Trump follower
E1Put down with cliché
2Our convertible parked next to the highway
F1I’m late coming back to lead, for example
2“Not Found” describes rare old Internet server at (hyph.)
G1Roman emperor’s error: being uneven
2Copies Mid-West church parts
H1Sine waves having twenty zeroes
2English rolls and Italian cheeses reduced by one calorie
I1Some orders at Starbucks counter: trio of lattes (last one missing)
2Clark, gay blade, taking out ad
J1Policeman and member of parliament scrap with bear
2Bering or Magellan rest uneasily (abbr.)

. . . and solve that.