Reward: The Fighter levels up!
The Fighter raises her weapon and . . . Hey! A blushing crow!
  • Propulsion unit for an apian insect
  • Dandy who loves doing household tasks
  • Toss of some soft surface-ripened French cheese
  • Military upheaval over a hard, buttery sweet
  • Young unweaned animal from Exeter’s county
  • Open land area along the water
  • One who puts “have a formal meal” into the choices for voting
  • Visualize a twisted filament for sewing
  • Cause ennui for some lint
  • Get former IAEA head Hans drunk
  • “Sonnet X/Death Be Not Proud,” e.g.
  • Tiny arachnids with an unhealthy yellow-brown complexion
  • Clothing trend inspired by Katy Perry’s jungle-themed music video
  • Ring-shaped lattice covering a sewer
  • Famed Roman general and leader’s candy bar of biscuit and caramel
  • Ballroom dance in 3/4 time done to the music of the “Some Nights” band
  • Expression intending to cause injury that costs no money
  • Way to raise money for charity by collecting cellulars from people
  • Onion-related herb that has been placed in the proper folder