Rocked a CHOOSE LIFE shirt in a famous music video 3 9

Was believed by many to be the hottest pick of the 1998 NFL draft 4 1

Filed paperwork on February 14, 1876 regarding the patent of a world-changing invention 13 1

Rocketed to prominence out of the Seattle indie hip-hop scene in 2013 6 7

Played the title role in a sitcom about an alien living in Boulder, Colorado 1 3

In a TV show from the early 80s, cross-dressed to take advantage of cheap rent 2 8

Starting in 2002, acted as host on a wildly successful U.S. reality singing competition 4 7

Introduced the world to a web-slinging superhero 7 1

Portrayed a titular 1989 adventurer and 1991 journeyer 11 9