Solution - Who?

by Mike Sylvia

Answer: Click here to reveal

Each clue leads to two people, one of whom has since achieved significantly more success and/or fame than the other. Using the very large numbers to index into the full names of the more prominent people spells OTHER ONES; repeating this process using the just-barely-visible numbers and the less prominent people spells DREW MOUSE. The cartoon mouse created by two people of highly differing levels of fame is Mickey Mouse; since we're looking for the more obscure one (and using full names), the solution to the puzzle is UB IWERKS.

  • O D Rocked a CHOOSE LIFE shirt in a famous music video: geOrge michael, andrew riDgeley
  • T R Was believed widely believed to be the hottest pick of the 1998 NFL draft: peyTon manning, Ryan leaf
  • H E Filed paperwork on February 14, 1876 regarding the patent of a world-changing invention: alexander graHam bell, Elisha gray
  • E W Rocketed to prominence out of the Seattle indie hip-hop scene in 2013: macklEmore, ryan leWis
  • R M Played the title role in a sitcom about an alien living in Boulder, Colorado: Robin williams, paM dawber
  • O O In a TV show from the early 80s, cross-dressed to take advantage of cheap rent: tOm hanks, peter scOlari
  • N U Starting in 2002, acted as host on a wildly successful U.S. reality singing competition: ryaN seacrest, brian dUnkleman
  • E S Introduced the world to a web-slinging superhero: stan leE, Steve ditko
  • S E Portrayed a titular 1989 adventurer and 1991 journeyer: keanu reeveS, alex wintEr