Solution - Pam Ewing Dream Fragment

by Craig Kasper

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The message in this dream fragment ("Deep, deep down amongst the rocks and the calcite, we struck oil!" refers to World's Longest Diagramless which contains clues near the bottom of the list for ROCKS and CALCITE. Around these clues were six four-letter answers which consisted of a single letter plus a permutation of the letters O-I-L:

Loam (4)SOIL
Stitch's cartoon pal (4)LILO
Of the hipbone: Prefix (4)ILIO
Snake shape (4)COIL
Limestone, mostly (7)CALCITE
Sways back and forth (5)ROCKS
Drug shipment, maybe (4)KILO
Songs for one (4)SOLI

In order, the additional initial letters of these six clues spell the dream fragment answer SLICKS.