Solution - Paddywhack

by Paul Melamud

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Each team had to choose any AKC-recognized breed and groom one of their teammates to personify it for conformation assessment “with merit” (as determined by the judge).

Upon passing the pass/fail type conformation assessment, the dog was asked to perform two “standard” Obedience activities: Recall (listing as many of the AKC-recognized breeds as possible in 3 minutes) and Stand for Exam (trivia, which are given below).

The dog was then asked to perform an Agility trial: balancing an object on their nose for as long as they could.

For completing all of the trials, the dog was given a snack to go home with, along with a placemat (see below). When the team calls in the “praise phrase” on the placemat, their dog was bestowed a certificate of participation (see below) with the final answer on it: MILK DRY, which goes strangely well with the bones and dry dog food snack that were handed out.

And continuing in the spirit of milking things dry, we asked each team’s selected dog to be present at the final wrap-up, where the judge’s top picks from the conformation activity were presented for a final judging and bestowal of the Best in Show prize!