High Rollers

The following things apply to this puzzle:

  • The grid below is to be filled with the answers to the clues underneath it. Words read across and down, one letter per square.
  • There are no black squares in the grid. Words may touch adjacent words, and some letters will not intersect with crossing words.
  • All Y's in the grid are given.
  • Letters in the shaded squares in the grid do not appear in the non-shaded squares.
  • Letters in the non-shaded squares in the grid do not appear in the shaded squares.



Kind of the same?

Part of a journey

Mrs., in Montreal

Catch in the act, say

Kunal’s role alongside Jim, Johnny, and Simon

Bus. or Res. number

Whence puns and pithy quotes spring from

Org. often involved in constitutional law cases


Titular creature in a 50’s McQueen flick, with “The”

Playmate for Pebbles

Zeno of ___

State trees of Massachusetts

Do acid and some lines?

Egg on

State whose caucuses are the first major event in the races for the presidential nomination

Sandwich often made with tuna


Beverage brand that apologized in the summer of 2015 for printing Help-I-Am-Trapped-in-the-Factory messages under its bottle caps

Diego, to Dora

Ball’s partner

Assign culpability

Whoopi’s role in “The Color Purple”

Like the chair of Pythonian inquisitors

Unearth, literally or figuratively

Smiling pile of crap, e.g

Cable drama shot in Calgary (despite the title)

Pretend to be

Rampage like King Kong would?

Lose one’s grip, in the non-metaphorical sense

Baywatch’s Gena Lee

16-dram unit

“Nolo Contendere” and “Guilty”

Last First Lady of the U. S. S. R.

Vixen’s je ne sais quoi

Tell a story, or make a comparison

Not quite NC-17

From that location

Artist commissioned to paint the ceiling of the Paris Opera in 1963

Demonstrated in support of

Schwarzenegger movie which, despite the title, is not a remake of “Shaft”

Tennis tourney favorite

Perform anemically, alliteratively

Setting for a Bill Murray movie that lasts for several seconds?

City on Grand Bahama

Literary classic alluded to in the title of one of Fforde’s Thursday Next books

Piano man Morton

Organization that may have a Sailing Secretary or a Commodore

Actress who received a Pioneer award from the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 1997

She was a four-medal winner in Gymnastics in 1972

Winner of 22 regular and 4 honorary Oscars

Region that includes Paris, Essonne, and Yvelines

  • 6 (90)
  • 8 (30)
  • 8 (1700)
  • 9 (N/A)
  • 10 (120)
  • 10 (200)
  • 10 (200)
  • 10 (390)
  • 10 (600)
  • 10 (800)
  • 11 (N/A)
  • 11 (80)
  • 11 (250)
  • 11 (1100)
  • 12 (300)
  • 12 (1100)