Solution - Believe

by Nathan Fung and Rajeev Nayak

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Playing this game of Hangman will reveal that many of the "correct" words to be identified are not in fact correctly spelled words at all. They are all spellings given that eliminated people from the Scripps National Spelling Bee. (The ding that sounds when completing a word is indicative of the bell that sounds when a speller has misspelled a word at the Bee.)

Indexing into the name of the eliminated speller by the score earned in order of elimination gives the message: BERNADETTE MIAO'S ROUND TWO WORD. In 2015, Bernadette Miao's second round word was PARADOX, the answer.

Year Speller Correct Spelling Incorrect Spelling Score Letter
2012 Thomas Rubio podilegous podilogous 9 B
2012 Kevin Lazenby hortulan hortuline 2 E
2012 Sruti Akula gimbaled gymballed 2 R
2012 Jennifer Mong vellon vellone 3 N
2012 Nabeel Rahman tirthankara tirtankara 2 A
2012 Jordan Hoffman canities conities 4 D
2012 Lena Greenberg geistlich geistleich 2 E
2013 Eva Kitlen cabotinage cabotonnage 6 T
2013 Emily Keaton olecranon olechranon 9 T
2013 Emma Greenlee sarrusophone serusiphone 1 E
2013 Grace Remmer melocoton melecaton 8 M
2013 Vanya Shivashankar zenaida zaneida 8 I
2013 Vismaya Kharkar paryphodrome pariphodrome 5 A
2013 Amber Born hallali hallelee 7 O
2014 Thomas Manning mephitic mafitick 6 S
2014 Claire Thomas querida careta 5 R
2014 Mary Joy Li-Ann Patricio deliquesce delaquess 6 O
2014 Muriel Cotman ensilage enselage 2 U
2014 Jae Canetti parseval parsaval 6 N
2014 Sai Vishudhi Chandrasekhar induciae induchee 9 D
2014 Mary Horton aetites aotites 8 T
2015 Greta Warner laconism lacanism 6 W
2015 Jaren Rose geelhout gheelhout 7 O
2015 Mareike Western mucedinous mucetinous 8 W
2015 Owen Kovalik xenodochium xenodiccium 1 O
2015 Lipika Narisetti réchauffé rechauffeau 9 R
2015 Dev Jaiswal iridocyclitis iridociclitis 1 D