Making the Possible Impossible

Puzzle archive editor's note: The puzzle below relied on a telephony server that was not feasible to maintain after the 2011 hunt has ended. Please see the solution above for an explanation of how it worked.

We here at Metaphysical Plant Unlimited Services (MPUS) are obliged to provide you with the best possible service, every day.

That's why we only provide service by phone. For service, please dial one of the following. Warning: hold times may be phreaking long.

You could also use this handy widget! Make sure you allow Flash to use your microphone, and disable any blocking extensions such as Noscript or Flashblock.

Important: To control server load, please try to have no more than one or two people on your team dialing in by telephone at once. If you need multiple instances running, please use no more than 5 or 6 instances of the SIP or the widget. This is not a clue.