Welcome to World 3!

The green fields and castles of World 3 make Mario homesick for the Mushroom Kingdom, but he knows he's not home when a man in green approaches him and it isn't Luigi.

"Mario! Welcome to Hyrule! My name is Link. It seems Ganon has tried to capture the Princess again, but I think he got mixed up and took your Princess Peach instead of Zelda! So we knew you'd be along soon to try to get her back."

"But what about—"

"It turns out Dr. Wily was working for Ganon all along! Ganon has taken control of the kingdom and shattered the mystical artifacts that bring peace to Hyrule: the Triforce of Fellowship, the Triforce of Holiness, and the Triforce of Inspiration, all broken into nine pieces each! I hope you can get them back for us!"

"I guess so... where are they?"

"He's hidden the fragments of the Triforces in nine dungeons—each dungeon contains one piece of each of the three Triforces. It's not always easy to tell Triforces apart, though, so you may have to look at several of them in order to tell which of the three Triforces any given fragment derives from and then reassemble each of them."

"I hope I can recognize them.... What do these Triforce fragments look like?"

"Oh, that's easy: they look just like puzzle answers!"

"And there's three of them in each dungeon?"

"That's right!"

Can you help Mario find the pieces and reassemble all three Triforces, and rescue Peach from the treacherous Ganon? Who knows what villainy he has in mind!

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