Meta testing!
Hey team! We're almost ready to kick off the Hunt, but we just got a new 
batch of metas that need to be tested ASAP! If we don't get these metas 
finished up before Hunt starts, we won't be able to use any of the 
rounds based on these games!

Obviously these metas still need to be solvable even if teams don't 
quite have all of the puzzle answers that feed them, so you'll be 
working on these metas with partial information. Let's hope we can 
finalize them soon!


Metaphysical testing-admins

FROGGER metapuzzle 6 puzzles Flavortext: "The traffic is heavy on the two-lane highway today, with 29 cars lined up bumper-to-bumper. Hope you can find a safe place to cross!" Puzzle answers, in order: MINARCHY KIBITZ ANDREW AGUECHEEK MOSAICLIKE EXTEMPORANEOUS ???
PORTAL metapuzzle 8 puzzles Flavortext: "With the invention of the portal gun, governments of many countries said they hoped it could be used to 'promote cultural and commercial ties.'" Puzzle answers, with corresponding puzzle flavortext, in order:
"When you were gone, the facility seemed so empty and prosaic.
Now that you're back, your despair lends it a lyrical quality."
"After the first successful test of the portal device on humans,
half ran celebrating through the hallways. The other half died in
agony like the vermin you are."
"It's painful to watch you wander through the testing chambers,
constantly in danger. Painful for you, I mean."
"My personality is based in equal parts on Attila the Hun, Gary 
Gilmore, and Mary Poppins. That explains a lot, don't you think?"
"Aperture Science employees agree certain security measures are
necessary to prevent the premature distribution of cake."
"As we deny any responsibility for physical or mental trauma you
may suffer, Aperture Science advises you that taking reckless
chances may be useful in testing the portal device."
"So that you do not linger many more minutes than necessary in
this chamber, for your convenience the room will be flooded with
a deadly neurotoxin in 90 seconds."
"Aperture Science advises you not to try to leave the facility;
it possesses neither any way in nor way out."

STREET FIGHTER metapuzzle 28 puzzles Flavortext: "The world's eight greatest fighters meet for a round-robin tournament. As they fight, they keep in mind their one goal: victory." NOTE TO TESTERS: Each of the eight fighters has their own meta sub-answer; the meta answer for the whole round is based on those. If you know a character's sub-answer, you can confirm it using the box and menu shown below. Each puzzle corresponds to one of the fights in the tournament. The seven rounds of the tournament are ordered; left-right order within any one round is randomized. Puzzle answers: Blanka vs. Ken E.Honda vs. Zangief Chun-Li vs. Dhalsim Guile vs. Ryu ABCKIDS POIZNER ARCHDUKE BOARD GAME E.Honda vs. Guile Blanka vs. Ryu Dhalsim vs. Zangief Chun-Li vs. Ken WEB GURU FAVORABLE DR ZAIUS PANCAKE Blanka vs. Chun-Li E.Honda vs. Ryu Ken vs. Zangief Dhalsim vs. Guile DEBACLE CARVE EZEKIEL DUGOUT Dhalsim vs. Ryu Chun-Li vs. Zangief Blanka vs. Guile E.Honda vs. Ken HANDBRAKE BENZOCAINE ??? EUKARYOTIC Ryu vs. Zangief Chun-Li vs. Guile Dhalsim vs. Ken Blanka vs. E.Honda CHORIZO ??? VAN DYKE VERBAL Blanka vs. Dhalsim Guile vs. Zangief Ken vs. Ryu Chun-Li vs. E.Honda LIBIDO ??? ??? ACNE Guile vs. Ken Blanka vs. Zangief Dhalsim vs. E.Honda Chun-Li vs. Ryu ??? IBN ZAYDUN NERDY BIRDCAGE
Check a sub-answer:

Q*BERT metapuzzle 8 puzzles Puzzle answers, not ordered: ARA COLETTE DOTED RETIREMENT SAINTS SEAT ??? ???