His Troubled Teen

Wooo! I'm puttin' down my Nitro-9 and tryin' out these "hacks" you guys are so proud of! I'm followin' the lead of a band of genetically-engineered mutant-brained kids who have descended on the MIT campus to raise havoc. But they're too clever for me to keep track of! From the clues below, can you tell me which brats helped perpetrate which hacks, and their ages?

Two notes about solving:

  1. The brats' ages range from 5 to 12, in half-year increments. No two brats are the same age.
  2. The 24-Hour Coffeehouse hack involved five hackers: Andrew, one hacker who hacked both Strobe Alley and Kresge, one hacker who hacked Kresge but not Strobe Alley, and two hackers who hacked Strobe Alley but not Kresge.
  3. The Barker Library hack involved four hackers: Omaha, Petulah, someone six months older than one of the Lobby 7 hackers, and someone six months younger than Thora.
  4. The Infinite Corridor hack involved four hackers: Fiona, Rebecca, the 10½-year-old, and one other hacker.
  5. The Kresge Auditorium hack involved five hackers: Volsung, the 5½-year-old, and three other hackers.
  6. The Lobby 7 hack involved involved four hackers: Gilbert, Heidi, the 5½-year-old, and someone a year younger than Volsung.
  7. The Parsons Lab hack involved six hackers: Thora, and five other hackers.
  8. The Room 10-250 hack involved four hackers: Norm, someone younger than Edith, and two other hackers.
  9. The Strobe Alley hack involved six hackers: the 10½-year-old, the 5½-year-old, and four other hackers.
  10. The Tech Square hack involved five hackers: Edith, Lobo, the 9-year-old, someone a year younger than Petulah, and someone a year younger than Thora.
  11. The Walker Memorial hack involved six hackers: Rebecca, Volsung, someone three years younger than Silas, someone twice the age of Icarus, and two other hackers.
  12. Andrew was involved in five hacks, including the Barker Library hack.
  13. Edith was involved in four hacks.
  14. Fiona was involved in five hacks.
  15. Gilbert was involved in three hacks: a hack that also involved the 11-year-old, and two hacks that also involved the 12-year-old.
  16. Heidi was involved in three hacks: the Parsons Lab hack, a hack that did not involve Wilkie (but involved more hackers than at least one other hack), and a hack that involved Fiona.
  17. Icarus was involved in one hack: it involved six hackers, but wasn't the Strobe Alley hack.
  18. Lobo was involved in two hacks: the Walker Memorial hack, and a hack involving Norm and Petulah.
  19. Norm was involved in three hacks: the Strobe Alley hack, a hack involving Omaha and Thora, and a hack involving Andrew.
  20. Omaha was involved in three hacks: two hacks involving Thora, and a hack involving Rebecca.
  21. Petulah was involved in five hacks: the Infinite Corridor hack and four other hacks.
  22. Rebecca was involved in five hacks, none of which also involved Heidi.
  23. Silas was involved in one hack, which involved neither Omaha nor Norm.
  24. Thora was involved in three hacks: a hack involving Heidi and Wilkie, a hack involving Petulah and Silas, and a hack involving Edith.
  25. Volsung was involved in three hacks: a hack involving Andrew and Fiona, a hack involving Omaha, and a hack involving Lobo.
  26. Wilkie was involved in three hacks: the Lobby 7 hack, a hack involving exactly 5 hackers, and one other hack.