Reverse Dimension Doctor 7

by Foggy Brume

Companion Half: His Troubled Teen, Ace

This logic puzzle determines the childrens' ages and locations of their hacks.

Lobo was involved in two hacks: Walker Memorial and Tech Square. Norm and Petulah were also involved in Tech Square. Norm's hacks include Strobe Alley, Tech Square, and Room 10-250. Of the three hacks listed for Norm, Tech Square cannot be the hack that includes Omaha and Thora (that would make six hacker babies for a hack with only five involved). Omaha and Thora participated in the Room 10-250 hack, and Andrew participated in the Tech Square hack.

Room 10-250 must be one of Thora's hacks. It cannot have included Heidi and Wilkie or Petulah and Silas, as that would assign five hacker babies to that hack. So Edith was involved in 10-250. Omaha's hacks involved two of Thora's. One is Room 10-250. The other must also involve Heidi/Wilkie. (It could not have involved Petulah/Silas.) If that were Barker Library, that would assign three more hackers to that hack, which is too many. So Barker did not involve Thora, it involved Rebecca.

Some hack involved Omaha, Thora, Heidi, and Wilkie. Of the three hacks listed in clue 16, one is Lobby 7. It is not Parsons Lab, or the hack that did not involve Wilkie, so it's the hack that involved Fiona (which gives us all four hackers in Lobby 7.) The hack involving Omaha, Thora, Heidi and Wilkie must be the Parsons Lab hack.

Volsung was involved in three hacks, one of which involved Omaha. This can only be Parsons Lab. Of the other two hacks we know Volsung was involved in (Kresge and Walker), Lobo was involved in Walker, so Andrew and Fiona were involved in Kresge.

Thora, Petulah and Silas hacked a place together. This cannot be Parsons or Room 10-250 (they are already covered in Silas's clue), Strobe Alley or Tech Square (Silas did not hack with Norm), Barker or Lobby-7 (all hackers accounted for), Infinite Corridor or Kresge (too many hackers already assigned). If it were the 24-hour coffeehouse, Silas would not fit anywhere in clue 2. So it is not the 24-hour coffeehouse, it is Walker, and we have now assigned all six Walker hackers. Icarus did not hack Walker or Strobe, so he hacked Parsons Lab.

The 24-Hour coffeehouse hackers include Andrew, and hackers who also hacked either Kresge or Strobe. This cannot be Heidi (only one hack remains to be assigned), Wilkie (only one hack remains to be assigned), or Petulah (only one hack remains to be assigned), or Icarus, Lobo, Norm, Omaha, Silas, Thora, or Volsung (all hacks assigned). The remaining four hacker babies are Edith, Fiona, Gilbert, and Rebecca, so they are the other four 24-hour coffeehouse hackers. Of the four of them, one hacked both Strobe and Kresge. This cannot be Edith, Gilbert or Rebecca, so it's Fiona.

Wilkie was involved in the Lobby 7 and Parsons lab hack, as well as a hack involving exactly five hackers. This can only be Kresge. This hack did not involve Heidi, leaving Heidi to be involved with either Strobe Alley or Infinite Corridor. This hack involved more than four hackers, so it was Strobe Alley. Rebecca therefore was not involved with Strobe Alley, Edith and Gilbert were, and Rebecca was involved in Kresge.

Petulah was involved in five hacks, so she was involved in the Strobe Alley hack, thus accounting for all six of those hackers. Andrew's last hack must be the Infinite Corridor hack.

The 5 1/2 year old was involved in Kresge, Lobby 7, and the Strobe Alley hack. This can only be Fiona. The 10 1/2 year old was involved in both Infinite Corridor and Strobe Alley. These hacks involved both Fiona and Petulah, so Petulah must be the 10 1/2 year old. Of the Tech Square hackers, Petulah must be the one a year younger than Thora, so Thora is 11 1/2 years old. Norm and Andrew must be, in some order, 9 and 9 1/2.

Of the Barker Library hackers, one is 11. This must be Rebecca. Andrew is six months older than a Lobby 7 hacker. He cannot be 9 1/2 then (that would make Norm 9, but Norm did not hack Lobby 7). So Andrew is 9, and Norm 9 1/2. One of the Lobby 7 hackers is thus 8 1/2.

Of the Walker hackers, one is twice Icarus’s age and one is three years younger than Silas. Neither of these can be Petula or Thora because they’re 10 1/2 and 11 1/2, respectively; neither are they Rebecca or Volsung, who were already listed in the clue. They must be Silas and Lobo, so Silas is twice Icarus’s age and Lobo is three years younger than Silas. Given the age range, Silas can be 10, 11, or 12, making Lobo 7, 8, or 9, respectively. Silas can’t be 11 (Rebecca is 11), and Lobo can’t be 9 (Andrew is 9), so Silas is 10, Lobo is 7, and Icarus is 5.

Gilbert was involved in two hacks with the 12 year old, and one hack with Rebecca. This would make Heidi that 12-year old.

The Lobby 7 hackers are Gilbert, Heidi (who’s 12), the 5 1/2-year-old (who’s Fiona), and someone a year younger than Volsung. This must be Wilkie. From the Barker clue, either Gilbert or Wilkie is 8 1/2. If that were Wilkie, Volsung would be 9 1/2, but Norm is 9 1/2. So Gilbert must be 8 1/2.

Of the ages remaining, we have 8, 7 1/2, 6 1/2, and 6. Wilkie and Volsung must be two of these ages. Volsung is therefore 7 1/2 and Wilkie is 6 1/2. From clue eight, Omaha must be younger than Edith, making Edith 8 and Omaha 6.

Below is the completed grid:

The last letters of the student’s names spell “What is Omaha’s age?” Omaha’s age is the Companion answer, SIX.

Doctor Half: The Professorial Fellow Playing the Spoons, the Seventh Doctor

Each shoebox matches the age of one of the kids in the first puzzle. For each shoe size, match up the shoe size with the age of one of the kids and use the first letter of that kids' name. If you overlay the logic puzzle over the shoes, you'll get 7 7-piece segments which can be assembled as shown.

Reading row by row gives a series of numbers. These match certain kids' ages. The first letters of the matching kids' names spell the Doctor answer, HELLRAISER.

Doctor and Companion Clue:

The combined clue is HELLRAISER SIX. The sixth installment of the Hellraiser movie series was HELLSEEKER.