You have located Ernie's escape pod in the Reverse Dimension, a region of space where things can go any which way. Sadly, Ernie is nowhere to be found, but in his pod you find a pair of stowaways: The Lonely and Conflicted Man with a Nonetheless Bright Personality, and His Medical Intern. They bring aboard your ship a strange blue box, where they are engaged in conversation.

"Doctor! The TARDIS says we have landed in Zyzzlvaria, in the year 3009! Can that be right?"
"Wellll...this is brilliant! Martha, Zyzzlvaria is filled with wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff, so we can use the TARDIS to meet all my previous incarnations and their Companions!"

"Oh, that never goes horribly wrong, does it?"
"It's simple, really. We just have to defeat half the army of Zyzzlvarian Royal Blackguards on a run through this space, then make a single-step phase shift in the TARDIS and defeat the other half! Allons-y!"

"Here we go again..."
The Condescending Man Holding a Brightly Colored Parasol
The Dashing Chap with Bouts of Amnesia
The Elderly Gentleman Who Wants to Reverse the Polarity of the Neutron Flow
The Energetic Man Sporting a Very Long Scarf
The Frail Old Man with an Abrasive Personality
The Professorial Fellow Playing the Spoons
The Rumpled Man with a Bowl Cut
The Sensitive Man Wearing a Cricketer's Uniform and a Celery Stalk on his Lapel
His Worshipful Handmaiden
His Cardiologist
His Alien Barbarian Girl and Her Robot Dog
His Troubled Teen
His Investigative Journalist
His Botany Student
His Airline Hostess
His Gentlemanly Scotsman
The Buzz-Cut Man in a Leather Jacket His Shopgirl