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Wise Guys

Kevin Wald

The scenario is that of the blind men describing the elephant (note the cop's last comment). If you start at the mural based on this (opposite a mural of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden), head west, hang a right, and keep going, you eventually encounter the George Eastman plaque in the lobby of building 6.

Each of the items mentioned appears in one of the six images flanking the plaque (in two columns of three). Each witness thus refers to a subset of the pictures:

1: L2 (snake), L3 (hair), R1 (lens), R2 (the "other kind" of staff)
2: L1 (eyehole), L2 (wooden staff), L3 (blade of grass), R2 (string)
3: L1 (rope), L3 (spearhead), R3 (flask)
4: L1 (grin), L3 (shaft), R1 (iris), R2 (flag)
5: L1 (frown), L3 (cat)

Reading each subset of the images as the dots of a braille letter (appropriate to the blind men), these letters spell the answer, TRUNK.