Room: 7.413 Exits: NE  E  S  U       (Shortcuts)


Break Room

Walking down the dark corridor, you come to the break room. Inside it is very well lit, and six good-looking but annoyingly cliquish holograms are hogging the couches. You're not sure how long the coffee's been sitting on the warming plate, but it doesn't seem any worse that any other corporate joe you've had, so you sip the bitter-but-caffeinated beverage and listen as the perky gen-Xers reminisce.

"Hey, remember that time you two went to that drag show in Vegas? How was that for a Kodak moment? (16)"

"Yeah, ha ha, at least I didn't kiss my friend's mother while her husband was right there in the hallway! (17)"

"Yeah, and speaking of hallways, men our age do NOT ride scooters. (18)"

"At least I never told a hot girl I like young boys! (19)"

"Chill out man, you know that stress will make you want to smoke again. Like that time when you got reminded of your parents' divorce. (19)"

"Okay, okay. You know, I really like that table you got at Pottery Barn. (15)"

"I wish I could have shown it to our old friend, the one who's named after that Tolkien character. Too bad he couldn't make it. (19)"

"So how's your new boss?"

"He's a real pain in the ass. Literally. He slaps my ass every time I see him! (16)"

"I had a boss one time. But then I lost millions and they fired me. Good thing that didn't really happen. (20)"

"So how was the flight to China? Oh, she loved your present by the way. (13)"

"Oh, that's good. You know, I always thought about proposing to her in the planetarium. (8)"

"Yeah, like you'll ever actually do that! Listen, just remember that lucky story I taught you, okay? And practice it! (15)"

"Ha ha ha, and remember, get rid of those leather pants! They got you into so much trouble the last time you wore them. (23)"

"Not as much trouble as you'll be in if you ever spend thirty minutes in my bathroom reading the newspaper again. (26)"

"Not as ironic as that time you made cookies, and you also made cookies, and yours were better than yours. (20)"

"Or that time when she 'let' you pack for her, and told you it was a present! (7)"

"Speaking of stupid, how crazy was that doctor? Have you ever met such an enthusiastic Happy Days fan? (8)"

"What should we do now?"

"Let's sing."

"No, I don't want to. Your song doesn't have enough lines. Last time we ran out and I didn't get to sing any. (21)"

"Oh! Oh! We could dig a really big hole and... Oh, wait, I am NOT going there again! (22)"

"What's your most embarrassing moment? Mine must have been the time I met that woman, and we were stuck, and I spat out my gum. I'm sure that really impressed her. (17)"

"Mine must have been the time the guy upstairs was cheating on me and everybody could hear it. (32)"

"Mine was when I lost my ring in the lasagna. (20)"

"No it wasn't!"

"Yes it was!"

"No it wasn't! Your most embarrassing moment was that one time when--"

"Oh, look at the time! Break's over, time for my meeting."