R Puzzle: Break Room

by Andy Lynn

These are a set of clues, each one ending with a number, that refer to unique events in the show "Friends" (clued by "clique of beautiful people," "hogging the break room couches," and "the six of them"). Identify the episode each one occurred in and write down the episode title. (There are apocryphal sources that disagree on some of the episode title wordings, but the official sources - NBC and Warner Brothers, which is the producer - agree.) Put the titles in order by air date or production number, they're the same order, and use the numbers as indices to letters in the titles, like this:

DescriptionExplanationEp #Title#Letter
"Mine was when I lost my ring in the lasagna."Rachel loses her engagement ring in Monica's lasagna.Episode 102"The One With The Sonogram At The End"20A
"What's your most embarrassing moment? Mine must have been the time I met that woman, and we were stuck, and I spat out my gum. I'm sure that really impressed her."Chandler is stuck in an ATM vestibule with supermodel Jill Goodacre, and while trying to look cool, spits out his gum.Episode 107"The One With The Blackout"17C
"So how was the flight to China? Oh, she loved your present by the way."Ross has to go to China for work. He leaves Rachel a pendant as a birthday present. She loves it and Chandler lets it slip that Ross loves her. Awwwwww.Episode 124"The One Where Rachel Finds Out"13A
"No, I don't want to. Your song doesn't have enough lines. Last time we ran out and I didn't get to sing any."Sitting in the coffee shop they take turns singing lines of "Smelly Cat" while Phoebe plays guitar. The song ends and Ross doesn't get to sing.Episode 217"The One Where Eddie Moves In"21S
"Yeah, ha ha, at least I didn't kiss my friend's mother while her husband was right there in the hallway!"Rachel's mother is in one apartment, her father is in the other, if they see each other they will fight, they both start leaving at the same time, so Joey grabs the mother in the hall and kisses her while the father walks by and the guys distract him.Episode 222"The One With Two Parties"17T
"Mine must have been the time the guy upstairs was cheating on me and everybody could hear it."The guy upstairs takes out the carpet and everybody can hear him. Phoebe goes upstairs to complain and they hook up. Later they "hear" him and another woman.Episode 311"The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister"32W
"Chill out man, you know that stress will make you want to smoke again. Like that time when you got reminded of your parents' divorce."Ross and Rachel breaking up reminds Chandler of his parents' divorce, and he starts smoking again like he did back then.Episode 317"The One Without The Ski Trip"19I
"He's a real pain in the ass. Literally. He slaps my ass every time I see him!"Chandler gets a new boss. He slaps Chandler's ass. It's awkward.Episode 324"The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion"16T
"Oh! Oh! We could dig a really big hole and... Oh, wait, I am NOT going there again!"At the beach, Joey digs a really deep hole. Then there is a traumatic moment when Monica gets bitten by a jellyfish and the sting needs to be peed on.Episode 401"The One With The Jellyfish"22H
"I wish I could have shown it to our old friend, the one who's named after that Tolkien character. Too bad he couldn't make it."Ross and Chandler's old friend from college, whose nickname is Gandalf, is going to visit, but he doesn't.Episode 409"The One Where They're Going To Party"19O
"Speaking of stupid, how crazy was that doctor? Have you ever met such an enthusiastic Happy Days fan?"Phoebe is giving birth, and the obstetritian is obsessed with The Fonz.Episode 503"The One Hundredth"8U
"Ha ha ha, and remember, get rid of those leather pants! They got you into so much trouble the last time you wore them."Ross wears leather pants on a date, they get sticky, he ends up half-naked and covered with baby powder.Episode 511"The One With All The Resolutions"23T
"At least I never told a hot girl I like young boys!"Ross does a very bad job flirting with the pizza delivery woman. He tells her that her hair looks like a 8-year-old boy's, and then tries to cover his ass by saying that, no, he likes 8-year-old boys.Episode 519"The One Where Ross Cant Flirt"19T
"Or that time when she 'let' you pack for her, and told you it was a present!"Chandler is moving in with Monica, so Rachel is moving out. She neglects to pack, assuming that Chandler will back out at the last minute. Then when she realizes that won't happen, she tells Monica that her going-away present is that she will let Monica do the packing, which makes Monica very happy.Episode 606"The One On The Last Night"7O
"Okay, okay. You know, I really like that table you got at Pottery Barn."Ross and Rachel buy identical tables from Pottery Barn.Episode 611"The One With The Apothecary Table"15P
"I had a boss one time. But then I lost millions and they fired me. Good thing that didn't really happen."In an alternate timeline, Phoebe is working as a stock broker. She loses millions of dollars and gets fired.Episode 616"The One That Could Have Been"20B
"Not as much trouble as you'll be in if you ever spend thirty minutes in my bathroom reading the newspaper again."Joey emerges from Monica and Chandler's bathroom with a newspaper. They comment that neither of them saw him go in, and they've been there for a half hour.Episode 710"The One With The Holiday Armadillo"26I
"Yeah, and speaking of hallways, men our age do NOT ride scooters."Rachel's having a birthday party. She gets a Razor scooter from her young boyfriend Tag. Joey and Tag ride it in the hallway.Episode 714"The One Where They All Turn Thirty"18L
"Hey, remember that time you two went to that drag show in Vegas? How was that for a Kodak moment?"Chandler and Monica go to reunite with Chandler's dad, who is a singer at "Viva Las Gaygas", and invite him/her to their wedding.Episode 722"The One With Chandlers Dad"16L
"Yeah, like you'll ever actually do that! Listen, just remember that lucky story I taught you, okay? And practice it!"We learn how Rachel became pregnant. Ross has a tape where he is practicing telling a story about backpacking in Europe that Joey taught him, that is supposed to get women he tells it to to sleep with him. In the middle of Ross making the tape, Rachel comes in, and she uses the story on Ross.Episode 804"The One With The Videotape"15I
"Oh, that's good. You know, I always thought about proposing to her in the planetarium."Ross relates how he had imagined proposing to Rachel in the planetarium where they first... you know...Episode 818"The One In Massapequa"8N
"Not as ironic as that time you made cookies, and you also made cookies, and yours were better than yours."Joey and Monica walk in on a cooking class. They both make cookies. Monica's are very good, of course, she being a professional chef and all, but Joey's are better. Episode 821"The One With The Cooking Class"20G

Put the letters together to get: A CAST WITHOUT TOP BILLING. If you read up on Friends you will find that this refers to an "ensemble" cast, which is what the Friends people call it and that's what's important. The answer is ENSEMBLE.