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This appears to have once been a teaching facility of some sort, although the machines around the edges no longer seem to be functioning. A pile of pamphlets on a nearby table advertises a "recommended course of study for an all-around education."

 18.386  Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
  9.414  Language and Thought
21H.458  Anarchism
 14.292  Antitrust Seminar
  7.414  Applied Statistics

 17.437  Causes of War: Theory and Method
 22.631  Plasma Transport Theory
21L.488  Romantic Poetry
  9.088  Human Memory and Learning
 11.251  Advanced Writing Seminar

  6.034  Artificial Intelligence
 14.134  Game Theory
 18.339  Wavelets and Filter Banks
 11.007  Resolving Public Disputes
 12.534  Dynamics of Complex Systems

  3.075  Polymer Physics
21W.747  Rhetoric
  2.896  Principles of Axiomatic Design
 12.000  Solving Complex Problems
  5.571  Chemistry in Industry

 18.131  Functions of a Complex Variable
  4.206  Visualization
  6.784  Applied Superconductivity
  2.800  Tribology
 15.521  Taxes and Business Strategy

 16.331  Stochastic Estimation and Control
  1.158  Application of Technology
  1.211  Airline Schedule Planning
  2.165  Robotics
 16.893  System Architecture

  1.010  Uncertainty in Engineering
 24.973  More Advanced Syntax
HST.580  Complex Biological Control Systems
 24.231  Ethics
 17.425  International Strategy

  4.376  Dimensions of Time
 11.123  Big Plans
 24.125  Paradox and Infinity
  6.251  Multivariable Control Systems
 15.080  Decision Analysis