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How Come This Crossword Got No Grid One?

I forgot what the grid look like oreddy, but confirm plus chop it has rotational symmetry
If you want read ah, make sure you start from the top.


  1. Oh dear, I got lost and so did a goondu
  2. Feature Ah Beng's girl, high to low, except inside a bunch of flyers
  3. Many an enlistee, nowadays!
  4. I was born in the oldest healthcare institution - a breath of fresh air
  5. Water from malaysia - it's a downside and something we can't live without
  6. It's fashionable, it's in, it's nasty-looking...?
  7. Some Malays' religious headgear are one for one, by the way
  8. No, only one lead role fits a movie setting
  9. Squid in another language? Nah, it's fish in another language!
  10. Pai kia is heartless rock
  11. He say it's not fake one: we learned NS from them
  12. Put on mask to increase lifespan, they like to say?
  13. Do first... later anyhow kena squeeze
  14. Misbehaved son - as they say in Chinese: kao peh kao bu!
  15. Mistakenly rob me? Your own fault lor
  16. Left bodoh to zuobo
  17. Don't do well in this? Go home get scolded by the same thing
  18. Particle where there was nothing in smoke signal


  1. Alamak! Finish search before texting "Why you so in front?" to notable man
  2. A prominent wok is insanely hot to use
  3. Spiral thing you eat while slacking?
  4. Stall to nua after a rough start
  5. Rice cake not heavy, can remove some skin: it's found in some hot soup
  6. Before school starts in a week from now, come back together
  7. Hater of dipping snack changes direction after free sampling, then changes direction again
  8. Very gila (crazy) about new post-hole covering
  9. Show food limpeh eat but leave out fragmented alias
  10. Be on top of a hill that has a floating variant
  11. Undo reply
  12. Throwaway angpows he got? Pretend one la
  13. Suddenly siam from election tiebreaker
  14. Call to say it's not looser?