The museum is open!
A world-class collection

For the last forty years, we've been curating a world-class collection that is sure to astound.

Explore our new exhibits

Artistic masterpieces and historical artifacts will keep you busy the whole weekend.

Celebrate with us

Our Grand Opening Ceremony is on January 13th at noon in the brand-new Kresge auditorium.

  • We're excited to see you all for our Grand Opening in Kresge Auditorium at 12:00pm EST on Friday, January 13th, 2023.

    The Grand Opening will be livestreamed on YouTube.

  • COVID wastewater levels have been growing steadily. While we still plan on running Mystery Hunt in person, we want to remind everyone to stay safe, whether it be masking up indoors, getting boosted, or opting to stay isolated if you feel sick.

    If you do not have an MIT ID, you can register for a Tim Ticket to access campus from 6am to 7pm each day.

    In the evenings from 7pm-1am, campus access will be available for MIT ID holders or via the south exterior entrance of Building 26 next to 26-100, which will be staffed in the evening.

    Campus will be closed from 1am-6am. Other than students in their dorms, participants should not be on campus during these hours, whether in their classrooms or elsewhere on campus.

    Wear your hunt badge at all times while in public spaces on campus.

    We will be selling Mystery Hunt 2023 T-shirts and other merch at wrap-up on Monday, January 16th. It will be cash only, so remember to bring some cash with you! Merch will also be available online after the hunt is over.

    We will close Hunt HQ at 6pm on Sunday or when the coin is found, whichever is later. At that point, all physical puzzle pickups, interactive rooms and hints will no longer be available. The hunt website will stay up, and the answer checker will be available until at least wrap-up on Monday. Submissions after Monday 10am ET will not be considered for standings.

  • Palindrome will be hosting a How to Hunt seminar in room 4-159 on Thursday, January 12th, from 6-8pm ET. Everyone interested is welcome to attend, and please tell your friends to come as well! It's going to be a much more interactive session than the one online last month. Teams may still want to reference this video for some background on the Hunt and notes on hunting safely.

    All attendees should bring a laptop.