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The King

by Bryan Lee, Liam Thomas, and Patrick Xia


This is the metapuzzle for the Natural History round.

This is a puzzle about words starting with T-, as in T-Rex, which is clued by the title of the puzzle. Each answer clues a word starting with T-, and also has two Ts in it. By aligning the first T of the T-words with the first T in the answer and extracting the letter at the position of the second T, you can obtain a letter from each answer. To order, the puzzles in this round have titles beginning with A-H, so ordering alphabetically by puzzle title gives the final answer - the curators WINGED IT - presumably, they put it out of the way in some obscure wing of the museum!

Puzzle TitleAnswerT-WordExplanationExtracted Letter
A Twisted TheoryKO-D SIX MAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPT-HAWKT-Hawk is a wrestler who participates in (and has won) the KO-D Six Man Tag Team Championship.W
BundlesDENSITY FUNCTIONT-DISTRIBUTIONThe T-distribution is a probability density function.I
CatenaverbozoaBEEF TARTARET-BONET-Bone is a cut of steak, which beef tartare is also made of.N
Direct TranslationBARBADIAN SPEECH PATTERNT-GLOTTALIZATIONT-Glottalization is a feature of Barbadian English, as well as other English dialects.G
Exhibit of FansABSTRACT MEMEST-POSET-Posing is/was a notable abstract or absurdist meme.E
Formula DeluxeCAR OF DISTINCTIONT-BIRDThe Ford Thunderbird, or T-Bird, was marketed as “A Personal Car of Distinction.”D
G|R|E|A|T W|H|A|L|E S|O|N|GI'M N LUV (WIT A STRIPPER)T-PAINI’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper) is a T-Pain song.I
Hall of ArchaeologyCUSTOM FIT POLOT-SHIRTA polo shirt is a kind of T-shirt.T

Authors' Notes

We spent a lot of time looking for good answers which fit both our extraction method and metameta constraints, while also being real phrases. The fact that I’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper) is misspelled the way it is turned out to be crucial to the extraction of the puzzle, which is very funny to me. Words we wanted to use but couldn’t get to work include T-CELL, T-WAVE and T-SPIN.