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Hall of Archaeology

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An exhibit on archeology is set up here with some grids marked out for museum visitors to get hands-on, helping to excavate important finds. Grab some tools and get to it - and maybe you'll even unearth a souvenir you can take home!

Rules of find-sweeper

  • Select the dig site you wish to work on from the list below. A site is complete when all the dirt has been swept away.
  • Left click on a cell to sweep it, and reveal its contents. If you sweep a find you will damage it, and your team will be temporarily locked out of further excavation.
  • Right click on a cell to flag it as containing a find. Right click again to remove the flag.

CAUTION! The finds are very fragile, and if you damage one YOUR ENTIRE TEAM will have a three minute lockout from further work on ALL grids in that dig.


Classic findsweeper rules apply. Numbers show how many of the surrounding cells (diagonals included) contain finds.

There is no penalty for breaking a find at this dig.


[See original puzzle for dig site]