Admiral Boötes’

None of us have heard from Admiral Boötes since they left for their vacation in January. This is the last message we received:

✧˖°✧˖°✧˖° (◕‿◕) i'm on vacation!!!! in huntspace!!!! there's so much empty space in here

( •_•) if u dont hear from me for like 100 days i've proly gotten lost lol

(^_^;;) if that happens send this message to those people who helped us with mystery hunt i think they can find me


(o_O) did u know that theres even more of the cosmos 4 u to explore? it is time to continue our cosmic expedition to further galaxies!

(╥_╥) alas the brave admiral boötes is adrift at space and you must retrace their path and rescue them

__φ(..) here's ur map and ur missions. conjuri keeps calling them "d l c" so if u havent yet u should check out the original cosmic expedition

(・ω・)b good luck - make sure 2 bring ur finest crew!


Admiral Boötes’ Cosmic Discovery Expedition: Further Galaxies (i.e. the puzzlehunt) starts on Fri, Jun 2, 2023, 10:00 PM UTC and ends on Mon, Jun 12, 2023, 3:59 AM UTC. This is an expansion of Admiral Boötes’ Cosmic Discovery Expedition from Mystery Hunt 2023.

Teams that complete the hunt will be ranked by the time at which they finish the last meta. Teams that do not complete the hunt will be ranked by number of puzzles solved and tie-broken by earliest last solve time.

There is no team size limit for this hunt. We highly recommend solving this hunt in larger groups. See the FAQ for more details. You may not create multiple accounts or be on multiple teams.