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Events: Infinite Robot Parade

by Linda Holman, Phil Dasler, Matt Hartman
Answer: RUSTY

On Friday, each on-campus team was called and assigned a robot costume to make for the parade. There were five possible costumes, all from the show Futurama: Bender, Crushinator, Malfunctioning Eddie, Angleyne, and Calculon.

Before the parade, the robots met at a staging room where they learned the first five verses of a song consisting entirely of BEEP and BOOP. Each type of robot was also given an index number sticker to wear. They marched the length of the Infinite Corridor, passed through an “upgrade” area in Lobby 7 where another index sticker was added, then marched back down the Infinite Corridor to the staging room.

Upon completing the parade, all the marchers received a copy of the complete song lyrics. Translating binary for each verse in robot-marching order (where BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP BEEP = 00001 = A) gave the message: INDEX NAME THEN SHIFT

Robot Name First Index # Indexed Letter "Upgrade" # Final Letter
Bender 2 E 13 R
Crushinator 5 H 13 U
Malfunctioning Eddie 4 F 13 S
Angelyne 3 G 13 T
Calculon 3 L 13 Y

The final solution to the Robot Parade Event was RUSTY