The Midway

Sala de Puerto Rico • Open 5pm–9pm Friday

Visit the Midway! Send exactly two players who love carnival food and games. Please plan to arrive anytime between 5pm and 6pm; if you really love the Midway, you’re welcome to stay as long as it’s open, or send other teammates back to play!

Character Breakfast

Lobdell • 9am/11am Saturday

Do you enjoy gluten, eggs, dairy and making a mess? Then you are invited to attend the Character Breakfast! Send exactly two players to your reserved seating. Safety note: please do not send players who have had a contagious illness in the last 3 days.

Build-a-Wand Workshop

Twenty Chimneys • 1pm Saturday

Come along for your chance to build your very own magic wand and bring it home with you! You’ll have many styles and resources to choose from, but finding a combination that’s worth it might be a challenge. Send exactly two players who are ready to haggle.

Robot Parade

Infinite Corridor and Lobby 7 • 4pm Saturday

A few lucky park guests will make robot costumes and march in this fun parade down the Infinite Corridor. Come cheer them on and enjoy their robot antics! The parade is best viewed from Lobby 7, but is visible from parts of the Infinite Corridor as well. Safety note: viewers should not sit or block public walkways, please stand along the walls only.

Fireworks Show

Outside, between 56 and 66 • 7pm Saturday

Please bring headphones/earbuds — our silent fireworks display goes great with pop music that you provide! And best of all, you don’t have to go outside if it’s too cold. You can also stand at windows in the halls connecting building 56 and 66 to view this nighttime spectacle! Attending every event in Penny Park is something special, so don’t miss out! Safety note: viewers should not sit or block public walkways, please stand along the walls only.

Pay It Forward

Before 9pm Saturday

Help Penny Park give back to the local community! On Friday or Saturday, anyone can participate in the Pay It Forward Scavenger Hunt. Check The Tech for your first clue.