Events: Supporting Character Breakfast

For this event, we asked each team to send two members to one of two breakfast seatings in the Lobdell room of the Stratton Student Center. At Lobdell, they were seated with players from 4 other teams to form tables of 10 people. Upon entering the room, each table had their photo taken with a character (Kobo the Wolf or Luma the Astronaut), and offered a breakfast spread generously made possible by our sponsor, Jane Street.

Once everyone was seated the waiters and characters danced around the dining hall holding white napkins. Players then learned that the featured entertainment of the breakfast, “The Celebrity Chefs,” never showed up and that they would need to help out in the kitchen.

Two people from each table were brought to the stage where they were asked to use a griddle and pancake batter to play Pancake Pictionary to draw Supporting Characters from books, movies and TV shows using pancakes. Each table of 10 people (and five teams) acted as one team. The two acting “chefs” created pancakes and waiters (played by GC) delivered the cooked pancakes to tables where the rest of the table would need to guess the character. Every time a character was correctly identified, the chefs would swap with two players from their table, who became the new chefs.

A full “Menu” listing the full rules can be found here.

Photos of some of the best pancakes for each of the 8 characters are below. As you can see, not many tables made it to character 8:

Character Photos

About a half-hour into the breakfast a photographer came by and offered to sell them the framed photo of the table with Kobo that was taken earlier. Each table had to identify 8 characters to earn the photo, although teams who had solved the coupon puzzle (see below) only needed 6 identifications:

The Coupon Puzzle

Displayed around the sides of the Character Breakfast tables were pictures submitted by teams from The Storykeeper Bookshop. Taken together, the images provided teams with a one word coupon code for a discount on team photos from the Character Breakfast photographer.