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Events: Fireworks Show

by Rachel Petterson, Linda Holman, Connor Anderson

First, one should notice that there is no music accompanying the fireworks show and realize there should be music. The Spotify icon at the start and during the intermission video hints at this. We found the Spotify versions to be consistent with regards to start and tempo has well as freely available.

Hopefully after a few firework images cluing lyrics and the fact that it's a *fireworks* show, solvers realize the correct song is Katy Perry's Firework. The xext step is to sync the music with the lyric images.

Throughout the video there are sets of question marks that pop up. If the song is correctly synced, these will align with Katy singing words of the same length. These are: NO OWN HAVE TIME SHOW MAKE O

If players were having a hard time with the lyrics, copies were offered. This was indicated also in the intermission video with the suggestion to ask for "Lee Ricks" (aka lyrics).

To see a video with matched up words and music: https://youtu.be/NibtgHwOQpM

Taking the answer words and listening to the sounds or speaking them aloud gives the phrase "known half time show mako". A mako is a type of shark so this should lead them to a shark in a half time show. Katy Perry did the Super Bowl XLIX half time show with 2 sharks, one of which became well known for his dancing, gaining fame as a meme (and popular emoji within Left Out).

This the answer is LEFT SHARK.