By Stephen Peters

Each image is of a collection of one or more identical LEGO bricks, connected together. Each brick type and color can be identified through online LEGO sites like Bricklink or Brickset. Once identified, you can find that each brick is part of only one official LEGO set.

Bricklink Part Description Part No Color Count Set Letter
Plate 6x8 3036 sand green 8 Hogwarts Castle S
Door 1 x 3 x 2 Left 92262* white 4 (The) Kwik-E-Mart K
Slope 33 3x3 Double Concave 99301 white 2 Sydney Opera House Y
Brick 1x3 3622 olive green 5 Parisian Restaurant S
Brick Modified Facet 3x3 2462 lime 1 Construct-a-Buzz C
Plate Modified 4x6 with Trap Door Hinge 92099 blue 3 Earth Defense HQ R
Slope Inverted 3x1 4287 bright light orange 2 Wall-E A
Wedge, Plate 4 x 6 47407 dark blue 4 Deep Sea Predators P
Brick Round Corner 10x10 with Slope Edge 58846 dark red 5 Slave I E
Brick, Modified 1x4 Log 30137 medium lavender 4 Heartlake Riding Club R
Bracket 1x2 Inverted 99780 sand green 5 Maersk Line Triple-E S

The number of bricks in each image serves as an index to that set name, to yield the answer SKYSCRAPERS.

*Two days after the Hunt ended, bricklink.com reported that the 2017 set “Arkham Asylum” also contains piece 92262 in the color white.