Puzzle By Trip Payne
Videography by Chris Morse
Audio by Tanis O’Connor
Video Editing by Jennifer Braun
Guest appearances by Chris Morse, Alex Rosenthal, Dan Katz, Tom Buehler, Scott Purdy and Jackie Anderson
And starring Chuckie Chicken and Tim the Beaver as themselves, with help from Jennifer Braun and Todd Radford
Answer: FOXY

Each of these videos is a reenactment of an excerpt from a notable “Lip Sync for Your Life” performance from RuPaul’s Drag Race. (Textual clues to this: “. . .for your life” and “[mess] it up” in the flavortext, and a mention of Chuckie’s “charisma” and “talent.”) “Winner” represents the name of the winning drag queen, “loser” the name of the losing drag queen, and “singer” the artist who performed the song they danced to. Solvers must identify these and index according to the “scores.”

Video 1
Season 5, Episode 11
“Malambo No. 1”
Winner: Jinkx Monsoon
Loser: Detox
Singer: Yma Sumac
Video 2
Season 8, Episode 7
“And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”
Singer: Jennifer Holliday
Loser: Thorgy Thor
Winner: Chi Chi DeVayne
Video 3
Season 5, Episode 9
“Cold Hearted”
Winner: Coco Montrese
Singer: Paula Abdul
Loser: Alyssa Edwards
Video 4
Season 4, Episode 10
“(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”
Loser: Kenya Michaels
Singer: Aretha Franklin
Winner: Latrice Royale
Video 5
Season 4, Episode 3
“This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)”
Singer: Natalie Cole
Loser: The Princess
Winner: DiDa Ritz
Video 6
Season 8, Episode 3
Singer: Faith Evans
Winner: Robbie Turner
Loser: Cynthia Lee Fontaine
Video 7
Season 7, Episode 11
Loser: Katya
Winner: Kennedy Davenport
Singer: Katy Perry

The indexed letters spell out the phrase JOSLYN SAYS KEEP IT BLANK. Contestant Joslyn Fox had the catchphrase “Keep it foxy,” so FOXY is the answer to the puzzle.