By Matt Gruskin and TK Focht

Each piano animation contains a note marked with a zodiac constellation symbol. The zodiac constellations make up thirteen of the eighty-eight modern International Astronomical Union constellations. There are also eighty-eight keys on a piano keyboard. If one orders the eighty-eight IAU constellations alphabetically, and assigns them to piano keys from left to right, then the zodiac constellations end up in their positions in the piano animations. So this establishes a one-to-one mapping between piano keys and constellations.

Each piano animation is playing the melody of a song that has the word STAR somewhere in its lyrics. The solver should identify the piano key that the STAR lyric lands on, and determine that piano key’s constellation. The solver should then index into the constellation name using the number of times the piano key marked with # was played in that animation.

Finally, the solver should order the indexed letters by the order of the zodiac constellations to obtain the answer TONIGHT AT NOON.

Song STAR key Constellation # plays Letter Zodiac Zodiac order
A Whole New World C6 Phoenix 5 N Sagittarius 10
Can You Feel The Love Tonight G5 Ophiuchus 7 H Virgo 6
Don’t Stop Me Now F#5 Octans 3 T Ophiuchus 9
Drive My Car A#5 Pegasus 3 G Leo 5
Drops of Jupiter D#5 Monoceros 2 O Aquarius 12
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas D5 Microscopium 2 I Cancer 4
Piano Man D#2 Centaurus 4 T Aries 1
(The) Rainbow Connection C5 Lyra 4 A Scorpio 8
Sk8er Boi C#4 Horologium 4 O Capricorn 11
So What C#6 Pictor 4 T Libra 7
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star C#5 Mensa 3 N Gemini 3
Video Killed The Radio Star A3 Fornax 4 N Pisces 13
When You Wish Upon A Star G#5 Orion 1 O Taurus 2